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Useful Correction Reports in MM-PUR area (Ⅰ)

In this blog, I will summarize the useful reports in MM-PUR area. I would suggest you

-Read the corresponding SAP note carefully before running the report, pay attention to any
  special statement in the note.
-Run the report in Test mode firstly if possible, and check the result before running it in Update mode.
-Run the report in non-production system firstly.

    It is described in Note 175178, to load the standard variant SAP&STANDARD delivered by SAP.
    This report has to be run in client 000 since the SAP standard variants only exist in this client.
    It is introduced by Note 202875, to create one batch input folder for purchase orders and one for
    delivery schedules. It analyzes the documents selected and only puts the FAULTY documents
    into the batch input folders.

3. RM06ME59
    It allows the user to enter a certain purchase requisition or to enter a range of purchase requisitions
    to be checked with it/they cannot be converted to PO due to error ME261 in ME59(N).
    This report is introduced by Note 786303.
    You can find this report in Note 91001, it is to remove the address number from the document item
    when termination message AM010 shows for delivery address error.
    It carries out several checks for a certain interval or an interval from purchase orders or scheduling
    agreements, when user cannot post goods receipt for them due to error M7064.
    You can find it in Note 886735.
    It is contained in ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4. It provides additional selection parameters to
    search messages based on PR number, PO number and (SRM) Central Contract Number.

    It is from note 821981, after running it, the Purchasing Document address and Vendor address
    linkage is removed.
    It is from note 451605, to set the Deletion Indicator (EKAB-LOEKZ) value to ‘L’, if the value is ‘X’.

    It is from Note 422589, to set the deletion indicator in Table EKAB, if a document does not exist

    in EKKO.

     It is attached to note 1025024, to correct the inconsistency of the tables FPLA and FPLT for the   
     old data.

     You can find it in note 304541, it is to adjust Customizing and to change existing links with the  
     EKKO business object to BUS2012 (purchase orders) and BUS2010 (requests for quotation).


     They are introduced by note 407371, for the reorganization of the ETENS numbers.


     It is from note 536190, and it corrects the MRP reduced quantities (EKES-DABMG) of confirmations

     with GR assignment and the MRP reduced quantities of the corresponding schedule lines.


     It is from note 521164, to set field EKES-MENGE to the same value as EKES-DABMG with the

     result that the shipping notification is no longer displayed in the requirements and stock management.


    They are introduced by note 544896. You can use them when the inbound delivery exists but

    individual delivery items do not exist, or when the inbound delivery was archived but entries

    still exist in the purchase order history (table EKBE),


     This is contained in note 1725906, to recreate the missing link in the Purchase order based on

     inbound delivery documents.


     They are from note 423416. In the error long text of the respective error message in workflow, you

     can replace the call of transaction ME22 by the call of report ZDIME23N (as of Release 4.6), 


     It is contained in note 574494, to explode a large number of aggregated purchase order histories.


     You can find it in note 1508153. It is to be used when central contracts are distributed from SAP

     SRM to SAP ECC but delivery tolerances are not adopted from Material Master.


     They are contained in note 703450, they read all purchase documents which contain a reference

     to a configuration. If the configuration no longer exists, the reference will be deleted.


     You can find it in note 1618369, for resetting the deletion indicator on header level of schedule

     agreement or contract.


     This is from note 205723, to display the incorrect conditions when there are inconsistencies between

     database table EKPO and KONV.


     You can find it in note 456261, when you got error message VD346 in any transactions like ME21N.


     It is from note 1570035, to set the CO Production order to completed so that the follow on documents

     can be archived.


     It is from note 115899, to identify and correct inconsistencies for dependent requirements for

     subcontracting purchase order proposals. You can only use this report when the inconsistencies

     can be traced back to errors that are already known.


     You can find it in note 892748. After upgrading to Rel 4.7 or higher, old cross company STOs need  
     to be adapted to correct “Posting Logic in the Case of Stock Transfers” at the item level.


     It is contained in note 1899151, to deletes the “GR-Based Invoice Verification” indicator for the

     affected purchasing document item.


     It is contained in note 496577, in order to delete the incorrect text which is stored in database without

     a document number.


     You can run it from note 941299, when you got error WY 017 or WY 026 in ME65.


     You can find it in note 702205 in order to determine and correct incorrect purchase orders and RFQ,

     when runtime error SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC happens.

……To Be Continued

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      Author's profile photo Sanjeet Kumar Yadav
      Sanjeet Kumar Yadav

      All are the Z report except 3 report, can you explain report start with z are in standard syste?

      Author's profile photo Yang Bai
      Yang Bai
      Blog Post Author

      Those Z reports are introduced by SAP Notes, many of them are not part of support package, you have to apply them manually into standard system.

      Author's profile photo Nick W2
      Nick W2

      Surprised you haven't got more plaudits for pulling these together.  You could add 'OSS ' before 'Reports' and possibly '/corrections' to better indicate what it is you are summarising.


      Author's profile photo Yang Bai
      Yang Bai
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for your suggestion Nick, it is so valuable! I will make the change now 😉

      Author's profile photo Ketan Seth
      Ketan Seth

      This is very helpful, without having the search SAP notes database for corrections.

      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Thanks for sharing.

      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo Matthias Hübner
      Matthias Hübner

      Thx a lot, very helpful and easy to use Matthias

      Author's profile photo Samy .
      Samy .

      Thanks a lot..Its very useful dear Yang Bai

      Author's profile photo Christian Marco
      Christian Marco

      Hello Yang,

      Do you know of any report to correct inconsistencies in quotas (EQUK/EQUP) in case a dump occurs when selecting quota item:

      Category               Error at Screen Runtime
      Runtime Errors         DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION
      ABAP Program           SAPDM06Q
      Application Component  MM-PUR

      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Really Awesome work yang. Gr8. if you share your blogs in English. I think it would be more appreciated and everyone read it. Thanks Yang.