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Time Constraint Reaction for Time Management Infotypes

The Purpose the document is to explain the Time Constraints Reaction on Time Management infotypes as i come across many questions in the forum related to Time Constraint Z, hence i thought of providing a document explaining the functionality of it with an example.

Time Constraints: Let’s look at the time constraints of the both absence types first.

Annual leave: Time constraint class which is 01

Indicator E:

Same as W, the only difference is collisions won’t be displayed, record will be saved without any messages.

So in our scenario we just need both absence types to be saved without any collisions, hence we can go and replace the indicator from E to N, so records will be saved without any issues and collision messages. Will that solve the issue? No

Because we do have a challenge here, these two absence types have time constraint class 01, so if we go and change the reaction indicator to N, whenever these two absence types are created, there won’t be any problem. But think about other absence types who have time constraint 01, where record never to be created and collision must always occur and system should not insert both the records, hence we can’t go and simply change reaction indicator as our wish because it impacts the other absence types

Create a new Time constraint: Let’s create a customized time constraint called 50, go and create the same in the View V_T554Y

Like above we can customize the time constraints and change indicators according to the business requirements as we have done in this document. 

Thanks for your patience and reading , hope this document would be helpful for the beginners who are struggling understand the Time constraint of Time Management infotypes.



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    • Hi Sankarsan,

      when i look at the document i feel i have added all. and all the screenshots are visible to me.

      is there anything missing from your side? can you please let me know ?



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        • Hi Sankarsan,

          Thanks for your reply. i have checked it, i dont know why is it shows like something is missing, but actually there is no screenshot i have added there.. i dont know why there is a box.

          do you feel anything missing in the flow of the document when i explained?



  • Hi Sriram,

    Good document with clear explanation...

    Please let me know if there is any workaround for this one. I have a scenario where i had to create 22 different TCC to avoid collisions among them, however if the number of entries in table V_T554Y crosses 50 line items (50 TCCs in count) i get a dump (DATA_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE) while generating the quota (through PT_QAT00) or even through PA30. There are standard entries exist in this table which i don't want to delete to make space form my custom TCCs. 


    Kuppan Seenu