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SAP Fiori – Cache Management

This is a collaborative document to share lessons learned contents for SAP Fiori Cache Management topics in the community SAP Fiori.

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1. Manual Cache clearing is not required.

If you do discover a bug kindly create an incident.  SAP Support Team will investigate your issue. It might be that SAP has to provide a note containing the fix, the important thing though is that SAP can reproduce your issue so that SAP can localize the error. To this end please do not invalidate the UI2 Caches! By this collaboration SAP is certain of eliminating all cache errors and reducing customer TCO further. Thank you very much.

2362875 – UI2 Caches and their synchronization with the database

2. Understanding the cache management

Caches are located in each layer (Client, Frontend Server and Backend Server)


3. Client

  • Browser – No action is required. Please setup the Cache Buster.
    • If clearing caches is required, you can manually clear the browser cache.
  • Fiori Client – No action is required.
    • When an app is updated on the server, Fiori Client automatically purges the existing cache and pulls the update from the server.
    • If clearing caches is required, you can manually clear the cache in the Setting -> Clear Cache.

4. Frontend Server

5. Backend Server

  • Matadata
    • Transaction: /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP. This clears the OData metadata cache.
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  • Hello Masa,

    Is there a way to keep Static content local on gateway instead of loading static content each time from backend system ?

    In our case read entity operation is taking longer . MYINBOX application is unified (connecting to two backend system) . Eg : I have 200 ITEMS to load from backend systems in my INBOX and each time read operation is taking around ~ 500 ms . I want to load /Read delta only from backend system not the full read/load each time user access INBOX .

    I did test and deleted 120 items out of 200 loading of INBOX become faster however , this test was just to know read operation is issue or backend system performance .

    Can you please guide me how we can keep METADATA CACHE local on HUB system instead of going to backend each time ?


  • Hello. I'm in the environment in version SAP_UI  740 SP 9.

    The Report: /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES does not exist.

    What SAPNote that creates this program or from SP which it exists?

    Best regards.


  • Hi Masayuki,

    For cleaning chip cache using report /UI2/DELETE_CACHE_AFTER_IMP or /UI2/DELETE_CACHE, does it need to updated in this document?

    As well, these two reports are used in frontend or backend side?


    Ning Tong

    • I just ran /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES and after that UI2/DELETE_CACHE_AFTER_IMP and  /UI2/DELETE_CACHE. Both of the latter did not yield any result, hence I would assume that /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES is your one stop solution.



  • Hi All,

    I have an issue related to Fiori launchpad, though I am not sure if its related to cache or not. I have created a custom Catalog and Group in launchapd designer and assigned some apps in them. Then I created a custom role in frontend server and added above custom Group and Catalog in the role. All works fine up to here, the apps are showing up in launchpad. But, after this If I add a new app in the above created group and catalog, it does not appear in Launchpad.

    I have already tried the above mentioned solution related to  cache, but no luck. Any Idea what should I do to get the app on launchpad?  

    • Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

      NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

      Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

      SAP Technology RIG

    • I think your problem is not related to cache but to the personalization of group. Whenever you add any new app to existing a group and if personalization exists by any user. S/he will not see the new app in that catalog . for that you need to reset the personalization by the user or for all users.Refer link

  • Dear Masayuki,

    The text of this blog suggests that the customer always has to clear his server-side caches after applying patches or ugrading to the next Support Package level. This is incorrect and what is more imposes TCO on the customer where it is not necessary.

    Please refer to SAP note 2362875 - UI2 Caches and their synchronization with the database. Could I ask you to rephrase your title and replace section UI2 with a link o the note?

    I appreciate your help.

    Otto Makris

    Development Expert, Fiori Launchpad,

    SAP SE, Germany