The main purpose of this document is to display a sample UI5 application as an assignment block in CRM WebUi.


Here i am going to explain how simply we can access a UI5 application in CRM WebUi.

Step 1 : Initially create a form view and assign it as a assignment block on the over view page.

Step 2 : Create a UI5 application and get the URL for that application.

Step 3 : Call the UI5 application in CRM WebUi.

Step 1:

(Note: This Step 1 is for beginners only. Those who know how to create a form view and adding it as a AB they can ignore this).

You can follow below link to create a form view.


Follow below link to assign the view as a assignment block on over view page.


Step 2 :

Please follow below links to create a basic SAP UI5 applications.

Create Your First SAPUI5 Application – UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) – SAP Library

Tutorial: Create a Hello-World SAP UI5 Application – SAP HANA Developer Guide for SAP HANA Studio – SAP Library

Note: We develop UI5 applications in IDEs like (Eclipse,Web IDE). But if you want to access the same UI5 application in CRM it has to be deployed onto a fiori server.

In my case I have developed a sample UI5 application( Which resembles like Fiori application) which displays list of available sales orders in the system and deployed onto a fiori demo server.

Which looks like below.



Step 3 :

Now here we have to call the UI5 application in CRM WebUi.

Open the .htm page of the view and write the following code in it.

<iframe src=“URL of UI5 application” name=“iframe_a” width=“100%” height=“800”></iframe>

Note: Here we can use the height and width values based on our requirement.

And the final result will look like

Thanks & Regards,

Naveen M

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  1. Nigel James

    Interesting … are you handling the conceptions of navigation between different views, handling context from CRM to the UI5 app.

    I suspect that you just have a UI5 app sitting in a iframe with no interaction to the CRM context at all.

    If you could pull off that I would love to see it.

    1. Naveen M Post author

      Hello James,

      At present i embedded my UI5 application in CRM using iframe. and there is no interaction between CRM and UI5 app.

      Currently i am working on how to interact CRM and UI5 application. if i found a way around i will update here.



  2. Rajwin Singh Sood

    Hello Naveen,

    I have one advice try using the global data context concept to link both SAP CRM with UI5.

    I had already published the document on the same http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-62170

    first create the Global data context as highlighted in my SCN Link above and then try to retrieve data from Global data context in ODATA class which you are either ways using in this example.

  3. Dhruvin Mehta

    Naveen. What if round trip occur then url will get loaded again with the Iframe this wont work if you have tile layout.

    and if you have to make data interaction between those I think u can pass it in URL it self.

    but I m not sure about the response.

    Or I would suggest another approach make transaction launcher with URL and load the same. then may be the class which gets created by which u might be able to do the interaction.. just a thought!


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