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BRF+ Much More than just mapping Z-Tables

Well , I have been working to analyze the Business Rules Framework , designed for managing rules.

Finally , I concluded that BRF+( which is also the tcode to access it from the SAP ECC box )

is much much more than just mapping Z-tables ,which was frankly my initial impression about the tool and

I must agree I was really wrong in my perception , as it is much much more than that .

So I thought of writing this blog (out of my project experience) to help analyze if BRF+ is the right fit for managing rules .

I have tried to put below some scenarios where usually  Z-tables are used and can be replaced with BRF+.

1) Scenario 1 :

a) Ask the question if your requirement is to ONLY fetch some values .

b) If your answer for a) is Yes , BRF+ might not be the best fit .

c) If your answer  for a) is No , then  Do you want to do something further with those values , validate some set of condition etc

d) If your Answer is Yes  for c) .. Bingo !! BRF+ is the best fit

Example :

There is a requirement where you want to show in a report if a Customer is  Special i.e. if it is a MEDICAL , DEFENSE .

So Firstly we  need to maintain the mapping between Customer Number & Type ( MEDICAL / DEFENSE/OTHERS )

So based on the steps mentioned I can conclude that OK I want to get value for Type field for a given customer number

and then check if Type field value is MEDICAL/DEFENCE , mark the customer as Special in the report .

2) Scenario 2

a) Do you have any validations in the code ?

b)  Check What kind of validations : business checks lets say Some value should be in some given value range etc.

      or at save you want to perform certain validations at particular status

c) If so , BRF+ is the best fit

Example :

You have a validation to check if Some Date should not be less than the current date . So instead of keeping in the code

you can add it in BRF+

3) Scenaro 3

a) Do you wanna perform some actions , lets say at Save at a particular status – you want to send a mail

b) If Yes , BRF+ is the best fit


You want to notify Manager once the Change Master is “Released” , send a mail to “Production Manager”

3) Scenario 4

a) Do you want to trigger Workflow or an Workflow event .

b) If Yes , again BRF+ is the best fit .

Example :

Most of the time we need to trigger workflow or wf events based on some set of conditions like in my project it was the Object status change.

e.g. If the Change Master is set to status “Review” , start Workflow .

I would loved to post some tutorials for above scenarios once I get some good time .

Hope you find this blog helpful to identify BRF+ fitment for your use-case.

P.S : BRF+ could be used for many other scenarios apart from above , but the above mentioned ones are based on my project experience .

         BRF+ could also be beneficial for doing a mere data retrieval out of custom mapping rules , where mostly ABAP’ers create a Z-table.

        Please follow the links provided by Carsten below in the comments related to evolution of BRF to BRF+

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      Author's profile photo Carsten Ziegler
      Carsten Ziegler

      Please note the difference between BRF and BRFplus.

      You may find these documents and blogs helpful:

      Author's profile photo Rini Kalsi
      Rini Kalsi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Carsten,

      Thanks for sharing the links.

      In the blog  I meant to mention the framework designed for Managing business rules.

      However I understand your point , it could confuse the reader .

      I will make the correction.

      Thanks !