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Working with FTP folders in SAP Sourcing 10.x

As promised, this is the sequel to Working with FTP folders in SAP Sourcing 9.x

SAP Sourcing 10 introduces the FileTransferConfiguration BO which allows for a “more configuration, less coding” approach in working with FTP folders.

**WARNING**– this blog post will make use of Internal APIs. Even if I have tested and confirmed them working in 10.x versions, great care should be taken while implementing and supporting these APIs.

  • Prerequisites
    • Define your File Transfer Configuration (FTP location for file exports)

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.23.41 PM.png


  • Required imports


  • Prepare file
    • For example let’s extract the first attachment in the document

File exportFile = doc.getAttachments().get(0).getAttachment().getFileData(session);

  • Write file to FTP

ftcHome = HomeLocator.lookup(session, "odp.doccommon.FileTransferConfig");
FileTransferConfigBo ftCfg = ftcHome.findByExternalId("EXPORT_EXT_SYSTEM");
FileTransferClientIfc ftc = ftCfg.getClient();
try {
     // if you plan to export multiple files with loops, implement them here, aka build your FTC client only once
     ftc.putFile(exportFile, ftCfg.getUrl() + exportFile.getName());
} finally {
     ftc.close(); //always make sure you close the client

Bogdan Toma

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.23.41 PM.png
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  • Dear Bogdan,


    We do not see above classes in sourcing API list to utilized FTC in the script. We are currently in 10.0.11 version. Are these classes  available in this versions. Please let us. It would be great help.


    Thank You,


    • Just use those imports provided (!!! internal APIs) ... The script will work, but you won't find the classes in the official (public) API.