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End-to-End Use Cases (Blog Post – Draft)

For examples of building a use case from end-to-end using SAP Lumira, import the sample data provided

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For examples of building a use case from end-to-end using SAP Lumira, import the sample data provided and follow the tutorial videos step-by-step to completion. These Use Case Tutorials apply some of the SAP Lumira features demonstrated in the Official Product Tutorials to build a story for a specific objective.

To build a use case, download a free trial of SAP Lumira.

To share your use case, register for a free SAP Lumira Cloud account.

For additional geo-mapping capabilities, register for a trial Esri account.

Sales Team Management Sample Use Case


Objective: Highlight trends in opportunities, leads, and deals to identify areas a Sales Organization needs to focus on to bemore effective.

Data Source: Download and unzip the SAP Lumira document containing the dataset. Follow Step 3 to import the file. This is the same dataset used in the Sales Team Management document under the Try with Samples button in the SAP Lumira desktop except this data is prior to the data preparation step.

Lumira Versions: SAP Lumira for Desktop 1.25 and SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform 1.25 shown in Tutorials.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step Link Video Length Comments
1. Introduction to Sales Team Management Uses Cases Video 02:15 This video shows you the objective of the use case and the end result that will be built in these tutorials.
2. Data Acquistion from Excel, CSV, and websources Video 04:29 This video shows you how data was acquired in the sample SAP Lumira lums file provided in Step 3.
3. Import the SAP Lumira sample Sales Team Management datasets into SAP Lumira 1.25+ Sample Dataset Download the Sample Dataset. Unzip the file. Open SAP Lumira 1.25+. From the menu, choose File -> Import to folder and choose the unzipped Lumira lums file.
4. Prepare Data by data cleansing and creating categories Video 04:38 Pre-requisite: Step 3
5. Create Geographical and Time Based Hierarchies Video 03:25 Pre-requisite: Step 3
6. Create Calculated Dimensions Video 03:10 Pre-requisite: Steps 3, 4
7. Create Calculated Measures Video 03:36 Pre-requisite: Steps 3, 4
8. Create Basic Visualizations in the Visualize tab Video 05:59 Pre-requisite: Steps 3, 4, 6, 7
9. Create a Marimekko Chart in the Visualize tab Video 02:31 Pre-requisite: Steps 3 through 7
10. Create a Geographic Chart in the Visualize tab Video 02:56 Pre-requisite: Steps 3 through 7
11. Create a TreeMap in the Visualize tab Video 02:52 Pre-requisite: Steps 3 through 7
12. Compose Storyboards for the Sales Management Team Video 06:26 Pre-requisite: Steps 3 through 10
13. Share the Sales Management Team Story with the Sales Organization through the SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform Video 03:37 Pre-requisite: Steps 3 through 12. Requires access to an SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform.

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      Please provide the link for the data set..