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  1. Automate APD execution using Process Chain which are reading/writing a csv file.
  2. Calling Process Chains from Remote to Target Systems.

Business Scenario:

This Document is created for automation of process Downloading Master Data from Production & Uploading Mater Data to Quality and Development using APD and Remote Chain Process Type.


Main issue comes when we want to automate the process using BW concept Process Chains.

As Process Chain runs in background and Process Chain containing APDs which are reading and writing

Into a file stored on drive or desktop will give error.

It will give following error.



  • We may use Logical Paths (Transaction code AL11) to save file at such a logical path which is accessible to all environment Production, Quality, Development.
  • We will use Remote Type process step in our main Process Chain to execute Process Chains in

Quality and Development and receive a call back from these environments to Production.


  • We need RFC connection from Production to Quality and Development for trigger of Process Chains

in Target systems. And also, from Development and Quality to Production to receive the call back so

that main Chain should get the signal about successful Completed status of Chains in Target Systems.


APD Creation – Download Master Data.

Select Radio Button Application Server . Save the file at Application Server using Transaction code AL11

Under Directory of your choice. Here using the directory:  /usr/sap/interfaces.


This APD will take an input csv file. This Input file will contain the list of all Infoobjects whose data needs to be downloaded. And , it will generate an output file.

Use Process Type Remote Process Chain in the main Chain to trigger Process Chain in Development and Quality.


Maintain Correct Parameters:

Destination: system Id of Target Systems

Called in Target System: Process Chain Name which is to be called in Development and Quality

Destination for Callback: System Id of Production System.


Process Chain in Production/Calling System:


Create another APD for Upload in the similar manner. Provide Input file to this APD  the result of previous APD i.e master data that has been downloaded .Create a Process Chain to be executed in Development and Quality using this APD.

Process Chain that needs to be triggered in Target Systems Development and Quality:


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