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SAP Self-Service for Utilities (SAP SSU) 1.0 mobile app for Android and Apple is now available

We are excited to announce the release of our new consumer self-service mobile app called SAP Self-Service for Utilities (SAP SSU) to Google Play and Apple iTunes.

SAP Self-Service for Utilities mobile app helps utility consumers manage all aspects of their utility accounts and view important information from the utility company anywhere and anytime. This app allows utility consumers to access and change their utility account information and report service issues using their smartphones or tablets.

Key features include:

  • Viewing bills, making payments, subscribing to payment plans, and setting up automatic payments,
  • Managing customer details such as contact information, communication preferences, preferred language, and more
  • Starting, stopping, or moving utility services and switching products
  • Viewing consumption amounts and entering and viewing meter readings
  • Reporting service problems, inquiring about a bill, or sending a message to the utility company to address other issues
  • Viewing outage information on a map or reporting a new outage
  • Receiving important alerts and notifications from the utility company

We encourage you to download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet (download links given below) and explore its functionality by using the ‘Demo’ feature. The demo feature allows you to run the app using sample data without requiring a connection to the back end system.

SAP SSU requires the SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector  for productive use.  This new mobile app is available in addition to the desktop Web UI and the responsive Web UI delivered with SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector.

As part of the implementation, a utility company would first need to install and set up the back end system integration add-ons that are delivered with SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector. Once this prerequisite is fulfilled, the utility can make a branded version of the SAP SSU mobile app available on the Apple and Android app stores for its consumers. The standard app delivered by us leverages the SAP Mobile Platform  for the push notifications.

Documentation can be found here

App store Links:
Google Play:

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  • Dear Dogar,

    Thanks for the good news! We are building up a demo center in SAP with the Utility solution. The landscape includes ISU, CRM, MultiChannel Foundation for Utilities. We would like to setup this Mobile app for utility in the Demo center as well. Could you please guide us how and who we can contact for this solution setup?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Hi Asif,

    Does the app mandatory require SMP (licensed by the utility) for functioning or is it optional for push features only. MCF should be sufficient to deliver all process connectivity to backend?



    • Parmarth, yes our template app requires SMP. However, we deliver the source code, and the app can be modified to directly connect to GW/MCF. It is fairly easy to do.


  • Asif,

    I tried to install on my Android Lollipop (ver 5). Tried login use demo but it always return to first screen instead show demo screen.

    Let me know how we can see the demo ?



    • Hi Eko, sorry for Android 5 we have a limitation. The cordova plugin version that we use doesn't support android 5. However, we plan to upgrade to latest cordova version in the next patch of the application. Sorry for that, but it should work for version below 5 and latest ios.

      Best Regards, Yevgen

  • Just to let everyone know, the limitation for Android 5 was removed in the latest patch of android app. So you can update the app and try again on Android 5.

    Best Regards, Yevgen

  • Hello yevgen,

    we are integrating the SMP in the landscape to provide push notification. so if we are doing sizing at the GW to support more than 8000 user then do we also need to prepare SMP for the cluster environment. please guide on this.



  • Dear Team ,

    When i configure MCF App with SAP Self service it gives me error as "HTTP Falied".

    And when i used same app from browser it works .




  • The standard┬átemplate app requires SMP. However, the app can be modified/enhanced or custom built to directly connect to GW/MCF by consuming oData services.

  • Dear Kamal ,


    Thanks for reply,but Then how the end user will use the deployed application .

    I mean we will deploy Application of gateway server .Then we get end URL Only .Then if Users needs to use this application how they will use it ?