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Introscope Wily Agent Installation

Introscope Wily Agent Installation

Automated Installation of the Introscope Agent via SMD

The Solution Manager Diagnostics provides an application that performs the setup of the Introscope bytecode agent for Java automatically. This section explains the steps to run the setup. Before you can run the Introscope agent setup, the setup wizard for the managed system must have been executed.

  1. 1. Enable Maintenance Mode on SMD.
  2. 2. Deploy ISAGENTSMD*.SCA using SDM.
  3. 3. Disable Maintenance Mode on SMD.
  4. 4. Launch the Introscope Setup application: Diagnostics Setup à Managed Systems à Introscope Agent. Your screen will look similar to the image below:


5. Check the Enterprise Manager Settings at the top of the screen. These are the connection parameters that will be used by the agent to connect to the Enterprise Manager.

6. In the pane Introscope Agent Setttings, select the system that you want to instrument with the agent. Check “select all” and click “Retrieve Current Settings”. This will display the current status of the agent setup.

7. To initially setup or update the agents, click Setup Introscope Agent …. This will open the setup dialog as shown below. Select the desired agent version (by default only one available) and choose the profile. Next, check the desired instrumentation areas, and, in the case of AIX, review the AIX settings to match your environment (J9 or classic mode).

8. Finally, hit Apply to perform the necessary changes in the agent configuration. Agent config files will be adapted, an Autoprobe connector will be created if necessary, and the Java VM parameters will be set as required for the managed system.

9. For Netweaver 7.1: You may see a dialog asking to manually set the JVM parameters via the ConfigTool. Use the Configtool to set the parameters as described. For Netweaver 7.11, this dialog should not show up.

10. If the setup was successful, restart the managed system at your convenience, e.g. in the next maintenance window. After the restart, the agent will be active and should show up in the Introscope UIs.


Manual Installation of the Introscope Agent

Setting Up Wily Agent (Manual Procedure)

The Wily Agent can be downloaded from the Service Market Place from the below path:-



Note: – If we configure the wily agent manually we need to download the .SAR file else we want to go for the automatic method (i.e deployment through SDM)

we need to download the .SCS for the same.

After downloading the SAR file put it in the /usr/sap/ccms folder in the satellite system


Now extract the .SAR file in this folder only i.e (cd /usr/sap/ccms)
Run the command SAPCAR –xvf<ISAgent.SAR>and extract the .SAR file in the CCMS directory.

After extracting a folder wily is created with contains many files.



In the above screenshot it is shown wily folder is created in ccms after extracting the .SAR file

If we go into the wily folder we can see the some new foldersfolders.

Configuring Introscope Agent Settings

The Agent configuration settings are found by default in the file:-


This filescontains SAP specific customizations. So we need to change 2 parameters in this file to make it connect to the Central System (Solman)

Below are the two parameters we need to modify.

  1. 1.     1. – We need to specify the Host name or Ip Address of the machine where the Enterprise Manager lies (Central System)
  2. 2.     2. introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.port.DEFAULT– We need to specify thevalue for the port which the Enterprise Manager listens to. (Default is 6001)

Now we have located the 1st parameter mentioned above from the IntroscopeAgent Profile

As shown below the value of the profile is localhost. We need to change it.


So we are changing it via winscp or vi editor and save the file.



Creating AutoProbe Connector

We need to create a connector to fit the JDK version. This is required everytime we install or upgrade a new JDK version

Note: –A better solution is available with JDK 1.5.  The option –Xbootclasspath disappears.

Instead the option–javaagent:d:/usr/sap/ccms/wily/Agent.jaris used. (No connector.jar anymore).

We need to use the CreateAutoProbeConnector.jartool present inside the /wily/connectors to create a connector specific

to the JVM used in our system. Refer to the below screenshot:-


Now, we need to create the Autoprobe connector by this tool.  We need to run the following command:-

java -jar CreateAutoProbeConnector.jar -jvm <java_home> -output connector.jar

From the above command we can get that a .jar file named connector.jar is created in the connectors directory

We can find the java_home path specified in the command by:-

env | grep JAVAcommand.

So executing the command will result in the below shown output:-


Below file will be created:-


Activating the Agent: Set Java VM Parameters

Now to activate the agent we need to specify 3 parameters in the config tool and restart the server.

The 3 parameters are:-



-Xbootclasspath/p:<drive>:/usr/sap/ccms/wily/connectors/connector.jar:<drive>:/usr/sap/ccms/ wily/Agent.jar

Note:-Note the difference between Unix and Windows in the class path-The entries are separated by ;on Windows, but by : on Unix

  1. 1.     The 1st profile specifies the IntroscopeAgent.profile path. Since IntroscopeAgent.profile contains all the necessary Java parameters for the agent to connect to the Central System (Enterprise Manager)
  2. 2.     The 2nd Profile specifies the Agent Name. The naming convention is <AgentName>=SID_Instance_Nodename. Ex:- DE1_DVEBMGS00_server0
  3. 3.     3rd profile specifies the path of connector.jar file and agent.jar file.

Config Tool

We need to set the above parameters in theconfig tool. So go to /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/configtool

Run ./



Add the parameters mentioned above:-


Save it and the below popup comes:-


We need to restart the SAP only not the database. It will also work if we restart the Java only from smicm or restart

the server0 process from jcmon. Since we are adding parameters to server0.


Before restarting the server there is another activity to be done. We need to create a log folder inside the wily directory and set permissions 775

and make sure the owner and the group is <SID>adm and sapsys.Refer the below screenshot:-



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