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File Open Dialog Box in SAP B1 application

Hi All,

i ‘m trying to open dialog box which give me the option to attach multiple files in sap b1 application.

i have two main problem:

1. when i’m runing my addon in debug mode on visual studio enviorment dialog box windows apears on top of sap application as require. but when i’m installing my new addon in sap b1 and run it dialog box apears behind of my sap application . my main code is :



Please repost above discussion at SDK forum for quick reply.



i need to press alt+tab to present dialog box before sap b1 application but i want it to be on top from the begining (i tried to use form.TopMost command but itn didn’t help) exactly when happen when i’m runing my addon through visual studio enviorment.

2. when i’m trying to upload few times different files (press browse button each time to attach other files) the system some time “stuck”  for a few minutes and the acreen freeze. why it’s taking the dialog screen too much time until it’s pop up? The user get be crazy from it.

i will appreciate to get your answers regarding my two questions.

do you know how to reprot it in SDK Forum too?

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