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Set of enhancements (via notes) for SAP Student Lifecycle Management



Hereby we would like to share with you a set of potentially interesting notes (with a focus on innovations, enhancements) for your SAP Student Lifecycle Management implementation. These notes are made available for you by our IMS team in Bangalore (thanks team!).

Below a list of the notes, you can go into more details per note by accessing the Service Market Place, link below the list of notes.


  • NEW 16th of June: 2175724 Add OR condition across Requirements in Extended Booking Check
  • NEW 16th of June: 2166164 Add parameter description in PIQAUDSM
  • Note 2054348 – Wave 1 of SAP SLcM optimizations (FM, Bapi, reports, etc) for HANA
  • Note 2140260 – Wave 2 of SAP SLcM optimizations (FM, Bapi, reports, etc) for HANA
  • Note 2139161 – Equivalency Determination to save modules with program context
  • Note 2139054 – Screen Size increase for several key SAP SLcM programs. Screens/transactions:
    • Student File: PIQSTM/PIQSTD (different sub tabs)
    • Grading: PIQSMFU (different areas and sub tabs)
    • Requirement Profile: PIQAUDTMPL_D/ PIQAUDTMPL_M
    • Assessments: PIQEVALM & PIQEVALREGM
    • Graduation: PIQGRADST & PIQGRAD
    • Event planning: PIQACADOFFER00 (view, change on individual event)
    • Cohorts: PIQCOH00
    • Academic Structure: PIQ_ACSTRUC (pop-up sessions of offering)
    • Equivalency Determination: PIQED
  • Note 2139052: Student Photo display in Student File similar to student master data.
  • Note 2122813: Use of full screen in Student File and in Academic Work Overview and in Program Content
  • Multiple notes for improvements in the Fiori apps for SAP SLcM:
    • Note 2036146 – UI bug fixes/improvements for student app ‘ my courses’
    • Note 2066052 – Correction note for Faculty Student File app
    • Note 2104115 – Correction note for Student app
  • Note 1977228 – Multiple Graduation records for program of study
  • Note 1592675 – Restrict use of multiple Req. Catalogs for Audit Req.Profile


The notes can be access and downloaded via .

(Search via application area IS-HER-CM and press on ‘released on’  to see the latest notes).






Let us know if you have any questions!


Kind regards,

SAP (Higher) Education & Research team

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