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Scheduling WEBI Report output to FTP shared file location

Dear All,

Here is the document which gives the step by step procedure to schedule the BO Report to specified shared folder through FTP.

Business scenario:

Some of the information users wanted to have the BO WEBI Report output in excel formats in their shared folder for further analysis the below step by step procedure is very useful to Schedule WEBI report xls format and put it to another destination folder.

For scheduling the Web Intelligence report to file store:

1 Configuration on Adaptive Job Server (One time activity in CMC)

1.1. Log on to CMC.

1.2. Go to Servers -> Web Intelligence Services -> Adaptive Job Server


1.3. Right click on it and select Destination


1.4. From the Drop Down box, Add File system destination.


1.5. Specify the directory location in “Directory” section which is your BO server directory path (Eg. D:/BOREPORTS).

1.6. Under “File name” option, select the option “Use Specified File Name”.


1.7. Add the Placeholder for “Title” and append it with .xls (This line will look like as %SI_NAME%.xls).

  select User specific name(title/owner/ ID/EMAIL address) using place holder ( Ex:%SI_NAME%.xls) as per the requirement and add .XLS/.TXT.

1.8. Uncheck the option “Add file extension”.

1.9. Save and close.

2. Schedule Web Intelligence Report ( One time schedule activity)

2.1.   Log-in to BI Launch Pad

2.2.   Go report which you want to schedule. Right click on it and Click on Schedule.


2.3.   Select the format as “Microsoft Excel” in Format section.


2.4.   Uncheck the option “Use Default Settings”

2.5.   Now in Destinations option, select the File system destination, give admin user id  and password, give directory folder path (Eg: D:/BOREPORTS) and select User specific name(title/owner/ ID/EMAIL address) using place holder ( Ex:%SI_NAME%.xls) as per the requirement and add .XLS OR .TXT.


2.6.   Schedule the report daily basis to automatically send the report output to specified folder location. Go to recurrence->mention daily and start time of schedule and end time (future year ) and click on schedule.


2.7.   Initially status will be running and later Schedule status must be success. Now you can check the destination folder for the report.


2.8.   Go to the Drive D:\ BOREPORTS for scheduled report.


Now the requirement is to send this file to customer shared folder. To do this now we have to run the batch file because we have to move this report one location to another location.

3.  Open the note pad and put the below syntax and save as .bat file format: This syntax contains copy command with source and destination folder paths.

3.1.   xcopy /s/z/Y ” D:\ BOREPORTS \*.*” \\\dit\Test


3.2.   If you run manully (D’click) the above batch file then reports will moved to detiation.

4. Schedule a batch job to run automatically using Task scheduler tool

4.1.   We can Schedule a batch job to run automatically using Task scheduler tool

4.2.   Create a batch file you wish to run and place it under a folder where you have enough permission. For example under C drive.

4.3.   Click on Windows Start and under search, type in Task and click open Task Scheduler.


4.4.   Select Create Basic Task from the Action pane on the right of the window.


4.5.   Under Create Basic Task, type in the name you like and click Next.


4.6.   From the Trigger select the option you like and click Next.


4.7.   I chose Daily and clicked next, which brought me to this screen.


4.8.   Then click on Start a Program and click Next.


4.9.   Now click on Browser and select the batch file (above saved in step 3.2 ) you like to run.


4.10.Finally click on Finish to create the Task.

4.11.Now that we have created a Task, we have to make sure it runs with the highest privilege. Since we have UAC settings we have to make sure that when you run the file it should not fail if it does not bypass the UAC settings.

4.12.So click on Task Scheduler Library.


4.13.Then double click on the Task you just created to give full authorization.


4.14.Click on Run with Highest privilege then click OK.

Finally we have successfully created a Scheduled Task to automate a batch file.So webi report will be transferred to BO server path and then moved to shared folder in the company network using batch file.



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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Post.. I have a question related to this. currently I am using Business object 4.1 Webi.. Is it Possible to schedule a report B only if there is more than one rows retrieved in Report A.


      Appreciate all your help.

      Author's profile photo Srinivas Perumandla
      Srinivas Perumandla

      I tried to  command xcopy "\\\its-files\30 Days\perumand\test  schedule\*.*"
      "//"      where \\\its-files\30 Days\perumand\test  schedule\*.*  is  SOURCE and  // is  TARGET and the command was not successful. Any suggestions ?

      Author's profile photo Nalini Ranjan Pandey
      Nalini Ranjan Pandey

      That should be a great thing

      Author's profile photo True Gossiper
      True Gossiper


      Very nice work sir




      Author's profile photo udaya nagarajan
      udaya nagarajan

      Dear All,

      We are migrated around  5000 reports from SAPBO 3.1 to SAP 4.2 . Now I need to set the destination  path . Its very difficult  to  go and do each and every report manually. In CMC we are going particularl report and choose default  setting ->format plan text and destination  directory- c/folder and file extensions  -need to a set unique name (each and every report  has a unique  id).txt. please help me any automation  is to set the destination  path and %EXT%

      Note: we have 15 folders and destination path get various folder wise.