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Author's profile photo Jeroen van der A

Getting to know 1.5 : Data Binding – A feature that deserves a lot of attention

I will focus in different new parts. See what they do and how I think they are now and how I imagine they can be in the future. . If you’re looking for more in depth information; Karol  already wrote an impressive amount of information that you can find here : Design Studio 1.5: What’s New in? A (technical) View

The first and second blog you can find :

part 1 :

part 2 :

This blog on 1.5 new features is about data binding. It deserves a lot of attention, more than it is currently given I think, as it is a game changer in how you can manipulate components.  This is the third part in a blog series about new features in DS version 1.5.

On Data binding

A lot of properties of basic components have now the ability to use a data binding function to set the value of the property. This property potentially saves a lot of scripting as a lot of properties can be automatically updated when the bound data source changes. You will find the data binding option by pressing the yellow left- and right arrow icon on top of the properties pane after you’ve selected a property.


figure 1: Data cell Binding

Additionally you can do an output bind with list items where the choice of one of the members automatically triggers an action. Currently that is a filter action on a datasource.


figure 2: ouptput binding

The fun part is however that it seems that all the components can get bound this way. This opens room for a lot of master data driven options. For example. Create a datasource with in rows, component names and 2 key figures: left margin and top margin:

The data binding looks like this :


The value that you get can get passed along to a formatter. You can review the formatter in your Central functions in the outline view.

  1. The one thing what would be really nice here is that I would be able to pass the name of the component to the data binding JSON. Then I can just copy the component with data binding and the binding function would refer to the new component name J

(By the way : I do not say you should go this far with master data driven: It is an example in how far you can go).


figure 3: value formatter function

What could be better?

What I notice is that once the data is populated the items aren’t refreshed if you filter the underlying Data Source. For the future I would like an option to make the binding either dynamic (update at each data source change) or static (stays the same). Now if I want something cascading I still have to fall back to scripting and as this is a common feature a lot of scripting has to be kept around, even after this feature is introduced.


Data binding will decrease scripting… a lot. Already this what we have can save us a lot of scripting. When the binding options get expanded even more you will be able to create large applications that can be managed for a large part by data sources.

The more I looked at it the more I thought that this could be actually the biggest feature for designers. Especially as I noticed in the SAP Insider Q&A today that a lot of people want to avoid scripting.

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      Author's profile photo Dirk Mayrock
      Dirk Mayrock

      Hi Jeroen,

      thanks for sharing, but I'm a little bit confused that your binding is not refreshed when datasource is updated. All the things I used it already refreshed itself. And I was looking for a way to make it static...

      What did we do different?

      All the best


      Author's profile photo Reiner Hille-Doering
      Reiner Hille-Doering

      Bindings are updated automatically.

      If in some circumstances the value is not updated on data source change it is a bug that must be fixed. The idea of property binding is the automatic update. Else I could have simply used a startup script.

      Author's profile photo Jeroen van der A
      Jeroen van der A
      Blog Post Author

      tried it several times w/o effect. I'll assume a bug then.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I couldn´t find the new property for data binding. I checked my client version an anything looks good. Any idea why I can´t see the new options?

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz
      Karol Kalisz

      Hi Andre,

      there is no "property", it works for list and string properties and can be activated by small icon. see here the example Design Studio 1.5: View on Data Binding (for Text)


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Karol,

      thanks for your quick answer! I´m a bit confused because I can´t find all the functions shown in the examples! I have attached an example what I see if I use an text box.

      TEST - SAP BusinessObject Design Studio.jpg

      Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz
      Karol Kalisz

      Hi Andre,

      do you see the icons on the right side at the top (especially the 2 arrows)? It is gray now, but once you select a property (click on the description,. eg. tooltip) it gets activated (for text and list properties).,

      then you can activate the binding.

      does this help?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Karol,

      thanks it does work đŸ™‚ Sorry for that stupid question.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Christoforos Verras
      Christoforos Verras

      Hi Karol,

      I can not see those arrows.

      Am i missing something ?



      Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz
      Karol Kalisz

      if you are using 1.6 release, the layout has been changed. indeed the arrows are gone and now plus signs are available on the individual properties.


      screen from 1.6, so no arrows at the place where they should be in 1.5.


      Author's profile photo Baudouin Dupriez
      Baudouin Dupriez


      We are in DS 1.6 SP3, but neither the arrows neither the 'plusses' are available for binding texts.. Where are they hidden now ?

      Author's profile photo David Jowett
      David Jowett

      Hi Baudouin,

      You may have cracked this by now, but I had to resize/expand the Properties pane for the Binding column to be visible




      Author's profile photo Rajesh Reddy
      Rajesh Reddy

      hi i am using DS 1.6,there i count find options that  binding option pls

      help me.