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How to Extract Live Cache Orders to SAP APO BW Infocube.


We have arequirement to extract data (Live Cache orders) from Live Cache (RRP3 Screen ) to (Infocube) SAP APO BW.

Is there any standard process to extract the data please let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks & Regards,


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  • Hi Murali,

    there is no extractor or something similar for LC orders. You need to use one of the respective //OM* function modules to download the necessary orders from there.

    regards Peter

    • Hi,

      the extractor "0APO_PPDS_ORDER_01" only works for PP/DS orders if I am not mistaken. Ideally this one is already sufficient for Murali's purpose. Otherwise he would need to go via the mentioned LC function modules. Unfortunately one would also need to further enrich the more or less "encrypted" LC data to make it readable for end users.

      regards Peter

      • Thanks - Tiago and Peter. This is helpful. I have another extended question - Is there any way of getting details of Characteristics if SNP planning is based on Characteristics.



        • Hi Neha,

          have you taken a look at the different //*OM function modules? Please do so.

          They should give you an idea if they are capable of extracting characteristics as well.

          regards, Peter