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When to not use sap.m.DatePicker: How to cleanly pick a month instead of a date

Hello fellow SAPUI5 learners and experts,

A quick tip regarding input fields and dates. I was trying to have an input field that allows a user to select a date as a month.

I used a sap.m.DatePicker with the displayFormat as below, to select a month period.


This worked well enough; the DatePicker field showed the date as expected and is treated as I wanted.


However I still had to click down to the day in the picker view:


For example, I still had to click all the way through to 16th (or whatever) April 2015 to select April 2015. One extra click felt inelegant, how could I avoid it?

It turns out that using sap.m.DateTimeInput was the more correct choice in this instance!


leads to:


The date picked will implicitly always be the 1st day of the  chosen month.

No doubt not much of an observation to our UI5 veterans, but a learning item for me!

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