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How to get number of rows count from file using BODS without loading the data.

Hi All,

I have created this document to show you how to get the no of rows count from file without loading it into table.

I have used BODS EXEC command to get the rows count in file.

My BODS is installed on Linux server.


Suppose I have file with name contract_master.csv .

In this file there are 10 columns and 100 rows.

Now if I want to get the count of rows in file then I have to write the following code in script:

$row_count = exec(‘/bin/sh’,’-c “wc -l /C:/Incoming_Files/contract_master.csv’,0);


where row_count is the global variable of type varchar.

C:/Incoming_Files is path where file is kept.

Now when you run the job you will get the following output.

100 /C:/Incoming_Files/contract_master.csv

here first 100 represent total number of rows in file.

Now to remove the file path & file name use following code

$actual_count =  rtrim_blanks( ltrim_blanks( replace_substr(‘/C:/Incoming_Files/contract_master.csv’,”)));

I hope this will help you.

You can do testing vary easily using this functionality,let’s say you have 100 file in your project and you have to load all the files & post loading to varify the count whether all data loaded properly you can apply logic mentioned above.

Feel free to ask any doubt.



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