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Steps To Create XS Application Project using HANA Trial Instance

Steps To Create XS Application Project using HANA Trial Instance

First install the SAP HANA Tools, proceed as follows:

  1. Get an installation of Eclipse Luna (recommended) or Eclipse Kepler.
  2. In Eclipse, choose in the menu bar Help > Install New Software…
  3. For Eclipse Luna (4.4), add the URL
    For Eclipse Kepler (4.3), add the URL
  4. Press Enter to display the available features.
  5. Select the desired features and choose next.
  6. On the next wizard page, you get an overview of the features to be installed. Choose Next.
  7. Confirm the license agreements and choose Finish to start the installation.

Post installation configure the eclipse with proper sdk path , java jdk path and hana trial cloud details.After configuring the eclipse follow the below steps :

  1. Create a Sub-Package :
    1. In the Eclipse IDE, open the SAP HANA Development perspective.
    2. In the Systems view, select the Content/ p1941xxxxxxtrial/greenojodemo1 node (greenojodemo1 is the instance that you have created).
    3. Right-click on greenojodemo1(instance name) and select NewPackage.
    4. The New Package dialog box appears.
    5. In the Name field, p1941xxxxxxtrial.greenojodemo1. Is already entered. Add the new package name (for example, “oilandgas”) to the end of the full package path: p1941xxxxxxtrial.greenojodemo1.oilandgas.
    6. Click in the Description field to automatically copy across the package name.
    7. Choose OK to confirm.
    8. The new sub package oilandgas is added to the package hierarchy below the greenojodemo1 package.


  1. Create a Repository Work-space
    1. In the Repositories view, choose the Create Repository Workspace button.
    2. If your SAP HANA system is not listed in the SAP HANA System list, choose the Add System button and add it to the list. If you have more than one SAP HANA system, make sure that the applicable system is selected under SAP HANA System.
    3. Enter the workspace name greenojodemo1. In this the workspace name is the same as the root package name.
    4. In the Workspace Root field, browse to select the folder that will contain the workspace, you need to create the workspace before in this step. Ex D:\HANAXSws.
    5. Choose Finish.
  2. Create an XS Project
    1. Before Creating XS project in eclipse goto WindowPreferences — General — Workspace — Text file encoding — Select Other — UTF-8
    2. In the Project Explorer view, chooseFileNew ProjectSAP HANAApplication DevelopmentXS Project  and then choose Next
    3. Deselect the Share project in SAP repository checkbox.
    4. Enter the project name. In this example, it is called oilandgas.
    5. Deselect the Use default location checkbox.
    6. Enter the following path <workspace root>/<your instance name>/<account name>/<your instance name>/<project name> (it doesn’t exist but enter it accordingly as described and follow the example below ) .
    7. Ex:- D:\HANAXSws\greenojodemo1\p1941xxxxxxtrial\greenojodemo1\oilandgas(it doesn’t exist but enter it accordingly).
    8. Choose Finish.
    9. Open the context menu of the oilandgas folder and choose  TeamShare Project.
    10. Choose SAP HANA Repository and choose Next.
    11. Under Repository Workspaces select the repository workspace you created before above.
    12. Choose Finish.


Now create xsapp,xsaccess and other files as required for your project.

I hope this helps as i had faced problem in the project creation part.

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