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Scheduling a Lumira Document in BI Platform created based on SAP Universe Query Panel – End to End Workflow

Scheduling a document is one of the important features in BI Platform as it allows the business users to view the latest instance of the document once they open it.

In this blog, we will see how scheduling works for a document based on SAP Universe Query Panel, starting with data acquisition from SAP Universe Query Panel in Lumira Desktop -> Saving it to Lumira, Server for BI Platform  and scheduling the document in Lumira, Server for BI Platform by a business user.

Note that as of today with 1.25 release, scheduling in Lumira, Server for BI Platform is supported for UNX (Query Panel) based documents only and also scheduling is not supported in Lumira, Server for Teams

Firstly, we will see how to acquire data in Lumira Desktop from SAP Universe Query Panel:

1. Launch Lumira Desktop and navigate to File -> Extensions to open the Extension Manager screen.

Schedule image 1.png

2. Click on Download Extensions, browse for an extension package named “Universe Query Panel” , select the Extension and click on OK. The Universe Query Panel Extension is now successfully installed.

3. To acquire data from SAP Universe Query Panel, select File -> New -> SAP Universe Query Panel and click on Next

Schedule image 2.png

4. Provide the Universe login credentials, click on Next and choose the UNX from which you want to acquire the data

Schedule image 3.png

5. Select the dimensions and measures which you want in the dataset and click on Finish to acquire the data to Lumira Desktop.

Schedule image 4.png

Now that the data is acquired, you can do data manipulation, create visualizations, stories and create a Lumira Document based on the SAP Universe Query Panel.

Next, we will see how to save the Lumira Document from Lumira Desktop based on SAP Universe Query Panel to Lumira, Server for BI Platform.

1. In Lumira Desktop, select File -> Save As and then select SAP BI Platform. Provide the appropriate Restful Web services URL of the BI System and the login credentials

Schedule image 5.png

2. Provide a name to the document that you want to save to BI Platform, select a folder where you want to save and click on Save.

Schedule image 6.png

Now the Lumira Document is successfully saved to BI Platform and ready to execute a schedule workflow.

Scheduling a Lumira Document in BI Platform:

1. Before executing a schedule workflow, create a business user (for eg; Alex) in CMC by providing “Schedule” user rights to that user for the Lumira Document saved above.

Schedule image 7.png

2. Login to BI Launchpad with business user Alex and navigate to the folder where the Lumira Document is saved.

3. Right click on the Lumira document and select “Schedule” option

Schedule image 8.png

4. Once the document is scheduled, you can see the scheduled instance created. Based on successful scheduling, you can view the document from the “History” page by clicking on the document title.

Schedule image 9.png

Now, the business user is able to view the latest scheduled instance of a Lumira Document based on SAP Universe Query Panel in BI Platform!!

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      • No matter what I do it hangs in pending - can't generate success or fail.

        does the lumira server generate these glf logs? or one of the traditional ones...

        thanks Shankar

        • Hi Matt,

          Even if its Lumira document, the schedule is handled by the Job server. Its same as the other documents which you schedule, so it should generate the logs.

          Also what datasource are you using? Can you open the document from the launchpad and click on the refresh to see if new data is loading in the report



          • the data source is unx based off of infoset query from hr.

            i open the doc from the launchpad and it seems to attempt to refresh, but I've been waiting on it for 30 minutes now.  it refreshes within 3 on my desktop.

            working on getting those logs.