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DS15 – Create your own Map

Hi all,

I just found something that looked strange to me but after the right hint from an expert it turned out to be a feature, not a bug 😉

I want to share this with you so that you don’t start struggling the same way I did.

To get a better understanding of that “.geosjon” files used to render the shape-layers in Design Studio 1.5 I used to create my first map. To make it easy I created a map seperating the world in 3 regions using the polygon feature. I added a attribute “BI” and mapped values to it that we have in our system.


Then I started Design Studio, created an application with a map component and uploaded the geojson file and did all settings required.

When I run the application the map looked like that…


Not what I expected 🙂 So lets come to the solution and clarify what happened.

When you create a map manually like I did you have to be careful in which order you click the points of your polygons.

==> clicking them clockwise > generates an included selection

==> clicking them counterclockwise > generates an excluded selection  (this is what I did)

So keep that in mind when you create your maps and enjoy the new map component.

All the best


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