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Data Discovery Visualization Template using Learning Hub – is this Self-Service?

Continuing on with Learning Hub ( Design Studio 1.5 topics, today I followed the Data Discovery and Visualization Template.  It looks a lot like SAP Lumira, but it is not Lumira.  This is also covered in-depth at SAP Help on page 88 here.


Figure 1

After selecting File > New you can select the SAP Standard template Data Discovery and Visualization Template


Figure 2

You don’t have to assign a data source at Design time; you can execute the template and select a data source.


Figure 3

After selecting a BEx query, Figure 3 shows the “Visualize” tab.  You can drag and drop, and even pause the navigation.


Figure 4

For fun, I drag over the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) dimension to the rows


Figure 5

Under the measures, the template is “context aware” and I right-click to select the desired measures


Figure 6

Similar to SAP Lumira, the template has a chart picker.  Below I click the “+” to add a new visualization – a chart.


Figure 7

Figure 7 shows another visualization added, a pie chart


Figure 8

Figure 8 shows you can add more filters at the top.


Figure 9

Figure 9 shows the Compose “tab” to create a story, similar to Lumira.


Figure 10

Figure 10 shows the results of dragging the visualizations I created from the Visualize tab over to the story board.


Figure 11

Figure 11 shows the result of clicking the “Share” button; I can share a bookmark (but not “publish” the story like in Lumira)


Figure 12

I can send by e-mail as shown above in Figure 12


Figure 13

Figure 13 is the result of opening the bookmark; it is in “wide screen”.

While the appearance is like SAP Lumira, the look and feel of the navigation while building the story (at least to me) isn’t.  This template works well with BEx queries today.  Will users/power users use this against BEx queries?  Time will tell.

More to come.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for the informative writeup.  It's good to see the increasing range of available templates that can be used out-of-the-box with each release of Design Studio, to support rapid application development.  I sense a little bit of scepticism though when you ask "Will users/power users use this against BEx queries?  Time will tell." 😉  

    What is your opinion about the potential for adoption of the Data Discovery and Visualization Template?  How do you think it could be improved to enhance prospects of adoption?