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Design Studio 1.5 Export to PDF – Comparison Options

Thanks to SAP’s Learning Hub (at you can access training for Design Studio 1.5.  I used this to review the options to export to PDF in 1.5

Under the Technical Component in the outline view you create a “child” and select PDF


Figure 1


Figure 2

Above is the option at runtime; I am not familiar with Page Sizes A2-A5


Figure 3

Above is the actual output of the PDF at run time.


Figure 4

In Figure 4 at runtime I select the options to display metadata and add a Header title and Footer


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the metadata of the report (showing the BEX query name)


Figure 6

Figure 6 shows the run-time of the actual application; notice I have an icon for the exception but the export to PDF does not display that. 

SAP Note explains why this might happen; not all of the CSS is displayed in the export to the PDF


Figure 7

From the Learning Hub, they review the different coding options for the PDF.  It can be the whole screen, a panel, or a report.  Figure 7 shows the code to export the screen.


Figure 8

Figure 8 is the result of exporting the screen to PDF.  In “real” life you likely will not want the buttons and such to be exported to PDF.


Figure 9

Having just attended Advanced Dashboards using Design Studio Extensions Webcast Notes last week, I tried the Visual BI DSX SDK option to export to PDF.  Figure 9 shows the familiar (to me) Letter and Legal export options.  The export button is added without any coding required to add to the button.


Figure 10

Figure 10 shows the run time result of clicking the “Export” button (Visual BI DSX)

I can select the complete application or selected components.


Figure 11

Figure 11 shows the PDF result of selecting the complete application.  Notice the trend icon appears in the PDF.


Figure 12

Figure 12 shows I select the crosstab to display in the PDF export


Figure 13

Figure 13 is the result of just selecting the crosstab.

What I like about the SAP Learning Hub is it offers structured learning to help learn SAP’s products, such as Design Studio.

More to come.

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