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Dahn Pratt’s ‘SAP Success Story’

Dahn Pratt is a current Student SAP Mentor for 2015 – which is a huge honour considering that only 11 Student SAP Mentors were chosen for the year. Dahn is an avid traveller and passionate about renewable energy, social innovation and possesses a great eye for detail. Due to his passion for a ‘better tomorrow’ Dahn is avidly working on a sustainable energy project for MolsonCoors as a part of his Student SAP Mentorship. Being the kind-hearted fellow Dahn is, he agreed to participate in sharing his ‘SAP Success Story’. The following is Dahn’s SAP Success Story:

1) What successes have you achieved with the help of the SAP Community/SCN? How has the SAP community/SCN benefited you?

I have been able to start and execute a project on renewable energy with the help of SCN, specifically SAP Mentors. This has benefited me because I am able to pursue my passion and ultimately help move the world in a direction that will hopefully be positive.

2) During your association with SAP what has been the most positive experience for you?

The most positive experience is interfacing with people. The level of patience, compassion, genuine interest, and help is simply astounding!

3) Is there a time you felt as though you’ve failed at something that affects SAP? How did you overcome this/what did you learn?

I haven’t been apart of the SCN community long enough to feel true failure but I would say lack of response to published content is disheartening at times.

4) What have been your contributing strengths to the SAP/SCN community?

Getting people to contribute to blog posts and having continued communication.

5) How about your biggest weaknesses? Any skills-gap that you’d want to improve?

I’d really like to understand the software better and gain insight into the predictive and analytic capabilities of SAP.

6) What are your current/future goals in terms of being a part of SAP community? Please be specific.

I would love to be a staple in the SAP community and hopefully work with or for SAP! My goal is leverage SAP’s software to create a utilitarian good such as improvement in renewable energy data output.

7) If you could work on any project(s) that would benefit yourself and SAP, what would it be and why?

The project I am currently working on is probably the most exciting for me since it combines my passions for renewable energy and advancement in technology.

8) If you were the CEO of SAP for a year what changes would you make?

I doubt I would be a very good CEO because I would focus on the renewable energy goals of SAP (specifically being 100% renewable). I would also focus on the SAP brand and ensuring that it is a household name. Currently SAP is the business standard but has much less traction in other areas. I think schools, governments, and NGOs, of all shapes and sizes could benefit from understanding and using SAP.

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As you can tell from Dahn’s SAP Success Story he is a truly passionate man who wants to have a positive impact on the planet and SAP!

Do you have an SAP Success Story to share? Please contact me on SCN to set up a short interview or fill out this template:SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.

Thank you,

Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor:Arif Mohamed Johari

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