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@SAPMentors running #SAPPHIRENOW #ASUG2015

I am fairly new to this world and have attended big SAP events only since 2012. Coming from a non-technical background, massive events like TechEd and SAPPHIRE can be quite intimidating. This year’s SAPPHIRE was my first one, and I learned very fast that SAPPHIRE is a whole different ‘dimension’, literally. I am glad that the Mentors are such a welcoming pack; three years ago they embraced me and welcomed me to a new community, which turned each event ever since into a big reunion. (At this SAPPHIRE I finally go to meet Tammy in person, even though I could have sworn I had met her before because I see her face online all the time :-).) Tom Cenens was one of the first Mentors I met at TechEd Madrid 2012, he is one of those highly engaged and inclusive Mentors who has grown a lot with this program, his blog Empathy + Serendipity = #likeneverbefore, summing up his TechEd experience in 2012, got more than 27000 clicks up to today! A year ago I was nominated to become a Mentor myself and felt truly humbled, and it was not until receiving my first Mentor shirt in the mailbox, that I realized I was now officially part (at least as a rookie) of this group. A group, which I have always perceived as highly knowledgeable, top community influencers sharing their expertise on SCN and running the SAP events’ show floors, challenging executives with their questions and valuable feedback. There is no better group one can learn from!


Courtesy to Martin Gillet for being the runningphotographer, more of Martin’s pictures of the SAP Mentor reception here.

Day 0:

New_Mentors.jpgMy SAPPHIRE journey began with the Mentor reception on Monday evening, where the new Mentor leadership team introduced their mission and the new Mentors and student Mentors were welcomed. New Mentors Matt, Raquel, and Maximilian have described their first Mentor experience (including certain singing rituals at newbie receptions ;-)) in their blog posts (A First-Timer’s Impressions, Sapphire Recap, & You always meet twice), great reads!

Apart from being very happy to meet the Mentor family again, I think it needs mention that it felt strange not having the former “Mentor herder” Mark around. I feel this way only having met Mark 1.5 years ago, at TechEd Amsterdam (where I was introduced to the infamous werewolf game ;-)). I cannot imagine how those Mentors, who have spent years evolving the program together with Mark, must be feeling. Quoting from Matthias‘ conclusion about the current changes in the Mentor program  – “the world is not standing still, and hence it’s the most natural thing that the program evolved and is undergoing transformation to adapt to a changing environment.” (Matthias is an outstanding person, his blog announcing his decision to leave the Mentor program is summing the whole Mentor experience up in a very honest and touching way and definitely worth reading.) As Gretchen stated in her blog A look back on Orlando, the new Mentor leadership team was “enthusiastic & welcoming”, and during the course of SAPPHIRE, the executive meetings and conversations we had during breakfast, dinner or in between, we were all able to get to know each other better. It is in all our interest to work together and show the value of this program! And before I will start with the SAPPHIRE recap, again, I would like to quote from Matthias’ blog: “The Mentor program is bigger than a single individual and while I won’t even try to decompose its magic, it’s about chemistry and like-minded individuals. It’s hard to measure and impossible to put into metrics…”. I can only say I think he is completely right!

Day 1:

Day 1 started at 07:30 am with a CISCO-hosted breakfast, thanks to the jetlag getting up early is not a problem. New Mentor lead Jeanne Carboni collected feedback on the Mentors- this is a re-quote from her summary Transformation in Action: SAP Mentors at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015:

“The time we spent with the SAP Mentors this morning exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge about what is happening in the SAP market and cloud activities helps us maintain a responsive Cisco roadmap that delivers valuable products and services to our customers. They truly are a voice of the customers, based on their wealth of real life SAP experience.”Erik Lillestolen, SAP Solution Product Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Opening keynote:

Bill McDermott began his keynote speaking about the leading dogma “Run simple” and promising that this year SAP will deliver the “Roadmap to simple.” (Seamless is definitely his favorite adjective in this keynote.) In his conclusion, Bill speaks about how “SAP’s co-innovation methodology needs to change” and states that “the strategy is now done through designthinking and an innovation mindset.” Further, he asks the audience: “What are the biggest problems that you are trying to solve for your customer, and also the biggest opportunities for your business?” He answers his questions with the three dimensions applied in DT: desirability – What is the big idea? (I hope he means to say – What does the user really want?), feasibility – Do we have the plan to execute?, and finally viability- We have to start talking to each other about how much we’re going to get out of it. “Empathy” is the watchword in his concluding sentence. Of course I am very fond of DT popping up at SAPPHIRE’s first keynote! (For those who don’t know, I am a passionate DT coach ). Concluding the opening keynote summary, I would like to quote from Jelena‘s blog post SAPPHIRE/ASUG – Hugged by a Mentor at this point, because I completely agree with her observation: “(…) there was a lot of talk about ‘data’, ‘digital economy’ and ‘things’ but the biggest part, in my opinion, is still people.” +1!, well said, Jelena!

Running back- and forth between showfloor and the Hilton, where our “temporary Mentor headquarters” were set up, became our daily workout. If anyone tracked their steps, would you mind sharing? This is a quick snapshot summary of our highly interesting and thought provoking meetings with SAP’s thought leaders: 


(1) Meeting Marc Thier the SAP Mentors had the opportunity to talk about SAP Solution Manager 7.2. and mobile applications.

(2) Meeting the SAP Startup Focus with Manju Bansal, the SAP Mentors had the opportunity to meet some of the the startup founders, learn about their innovative solutions and provide their expert feedback to these startups.

(3) Denise Broady & Joerg Bruch talking about what is new in the S4 HANA Industries Cloud Platform and the challenges SAP is facing.

(4) Denise Broady demoing SAP’s “The Perfect Meeting” app build for SAP’s Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution.

(5) Sven Denecken took the time to speak to the SAP Mentors about S/4 HANA ~ architecture & the roadmap for S/4HANA, and didn’t get around taking one of the Twitter frame pics :-).

Day 2:

Rise and shine!! 7 am Mentor breakfast hosted by Rick Costanzo talking about what’s new in SAP Mobile, where things are headed and what’s new at and beyond SAPPHIRE.


Keynote Bernd Leukert:

I enjoyed Bernd Leukert’s keynote, and since I don’t know much of the technical side of S/4 HANA and HANA Cloud Platform, it was nice to have customers engage and speak about their projects, which gave me a good idea of theory (tech) in practice. Speed and innovation were the watchwords, and my favorite moment of the keynote was when Karenann Terrell, CIO of Walmart, challenged Bernd Leukert directly by concluding: “I want my SAP (S/4 HANA) implementation to be within my lifetime at Walmart.” …and she added “that is on my bucket list.” 

Twitter snapshots of Mentor meetings:



(1) SAP Mentors speaking to Ingrid VanDenHoogen and Thomas Grassl about developer engagement, new challenges, transformation, and what new things are coming up for the SAP InnoJam. And last but not least- the obligatory twitter frame picture .

(2) SAP Mentors providing Jonathan Becher with relevant feedback to the SAP Digital Strategy and it’s announcement, which was released that same day.

(3) Chris getting a quick pic with Jonathan after a thought provoking meeting. [unfortunately can’t upload at this moment, will hopefully solve the problem soon.]

(4) Delightful meeting with Steve Lucas – showing a glimpse of the HCP and S/4 HANA roadmap.

Day 3:

Tanja Rückert was punctual and started the meeting. Bernd Leukert was quite delayed- but found a great excuse: apparently he had forgotten his Mentor shirt in his hotel room and had to go back to get it. Fair enough, apology accepted 😉 (he was actually delayed due to a meeting with Bill McDermott). SAP Mentors Oliver Schreiber and Richard Hirsch aka ‘Dick’ let the discussion which turned out to be a mix of serious tech talk about products & innovation featuring S/4 HANA Velocity and a cheerful meet-up with SAP Mentors. Also, Tanja mentioned designthinking sometime in the discussion. I will listen into the replays as soon as I have time to add information here.


Courtesy to Martin Lang for the pictures, you can see all of them in his flickr Album.

Hasso’s Keynote: “Speed drives innovation”


This was the first time I saw Hasso speak in a keynote and it was very much worthwhile! There are many recaps of his keynote already, so I will only point out the part especially interesting to me. Hasso highlights “Design Thinking as a Co-Innovation Enabler” (also title of sub-chapter 6.4 in Plattner’s & Leukert’s new book “The In-Memory Revolution”) and, in my opinion, makes a crucial point to pave the way for successful products: “We have to understand the needs of the user; we have to ask them (…).”

In their book, they also demo how SAP uses their co-innovation model and DT techniques to gain important medical research insights, which was one of the best parts of Hasso’s keynote: Prof. Dr. Christof von Kalle, director of Translation Oncology at the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, Germany was invited on stage to demo how new technologies help research by understanding insights about defects of genomes, and at the end of the day, allow analytics help cancer patients. I believe almost everyone can, unfortunately, relate to at least one case of cancer within their circle of family and friends. The impact information technology could have on healthcare in the next years will hopefully change the way cancer can be detected in an early state and hence, treated accordingly.


Quote Hasso: “I am very pleased that the speed and DT help innovate far outside of ERP.”


If you are interested in getting a ‘technical point of view’ from SAPPHIRE 2015 and its keynotes, I would like to recommend SAP Mentor Tomas Krojzl‘s blog series SAP Sapphire 2015 – Day 1 – 3!

The afternoon was sparked with meeting great personalities like Sam Yen, the following snapshots are captions of the Mentor meetings in tweets:


(1) Aiaz Kazi – speaking about the SAP Startup focus realignment, the next steps and about where is the program going in the future.

(2) Quentin Clark – discussing S/4 HANA adoption, HCP development and cloud delivery.

(3) Sam Yen – having a conversation about UI/UX, SAP Fiori, and SAP Personas 3.0.

(4) Irfan Khan – Discuss technology direction for 2015/2016.

Here is another re-quote about the Mentors from Jeanne’s summary

“You guys are the true practitioners in the field, who are really using and experiencing our products. It is important that you be equally invested in the transformation that SAP is undergoing. S/4 HANA is a revolutionary approach and we need your expertise and support to help make the change.” – Irfan Khan, CTO, SAP Global Customer Operations

To sum it up: it was a couple of very long days where SAP Mentors engaged with many different people, shared their expertise, feedback, and challenged execs in meetings, discussing the future of SAP innovation with them, committed to represent the community! Big thank you to the topic leads, note takers and steering committee! Together we ‚ran #SAPPHIRE’ as much as we could and ‘bonds’ were made … Personally, I was glad to hear designthinking being mentioned several times in the keynotes and executive meetings. Thanks everyone who has already shared their impressions and experiences in their blogs about SAPPHIRE; so interesting to read from the different perspectives!

Last but not least: Yes, hashtags are useful- but meeting real people is worth gold!



(1) + (2) Bonds were made…Robin &Chris, the beginning of a great friendship? 😉

(3) SAP Mentors Tom Cenens, Eduardo Chagas, me, Maximilian Schaufler, Jeanne Carboni, Matt Fraser, Chris Kernaghan after the HANA Awards

(3) Courtesy to Martin Gillet for being the runningphotographer at sapphire and for ‘framing’ nearly everyone!!

(4) ….no need to comment 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Julia - outstanding blog - it was lovely to meet you in person.  There are some people (like Fred Verheul ) I feel like I've met in person but I really haven't!

      I agree - meeting real people is worth gold.  I hope to see you soon.


      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser

      Yep, I have to second that. Although it was a "first-time" meeting for me for pretty much everyone, a few felt like "old friends" already from our interactions on SCN.

      Great recap!

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Matt, loved to read your blog too! Looking forward to reading more in the future 🙂

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Tammy! Fred Verheul was one of the first Mentors I met and he is definitely one of my Mentor Mentors; he is a great example for 'engagement way beyond average' and I admire people like you and Fred who are so dedicated with the program!

      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Tammy Powlas wrote:

      ... There are some people (like Fred Verheul ) I feel like I've met in person but I really haven't!

      Agreed, and we really should correct that sometime (not sure how and when) 🙂 .

      Author's profile photo Raquel Seville
      Raquel Seville

      Hi Julia,

      I loved your recap and how you managed to string all the blogs and content from other mentors together into a fluent piece. It was great meeting all the mentors in person and it was great chatting with you!

      - Raquel

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much Raquel! It was great meeting you too! I hope we'll get more chances (with more time) to meet in the future! Greetings from Berlin!!

      Author's profile photo Matthias Steiner
      Matthias Steiner

      Nicely done Julia. Great wrap-up of the event incl. lots of pics and link love! justmycupoftea

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Matthias - am looking forward to further reading from you here on SCN 🙂 , and hopefully there will be opportunities to meet again soon!!

      Author's profile photo Robin van het Hof
      Robin van het Hof

      Great blog, you have captured the atmosphere at SAPPHIRENOW well! Meeting old friends and making new friends is gold indeed

      And awesome pics too 😛

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Robin! There are more pics of yourself and Chris 😎 And yes indeed, this is a living community thriving from REAL people!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Awesome! 😎

      Author's profile photo Jan Penninkhof
      Jan Penninkhof

      Great blog! Wasn't at Sapphire, but this blog gave me a good impression on how it must have been. Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      This was the goal, Jan!! Thank you 🙂 !

      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kansal
      Jitendra Kansal

      Great recap!!

      Loved the pics and all quotes are great.

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Jitendra! I am glad people like it- impossible to capture everything, though! Cheers, Julia

      Author's profile photo Jeanne Carboni
      Jeanne Carboni

      This is a great recap from SAPPHIRE NOW 2015. Thank you, Julia Dorbic for all of your contributions. From running around being our news reporter on the floor, to starring in a Megan Meany clip, to helping out with photos, you've been a star. I really appreciate all of the support you provided at your very first SAPPHIRE!  Great work!


      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Jeanne - many thanks!  As I said in this blog, I have always perceived the Mentors as highly knowledgeable, top community influencers sharing their expertise in blogs, expert sessions, and challenging executives with their questions and valuable feedback. There is no better group one can learn from! It was great to be able to engage and help in showing the value of the SAP Mentor program!

      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hey Julia!

      I know it's harder for you, being a relative outsider, than for most of us to make yourself useful at a big conference like this, but Jeanne's comment makes it clear you did an outstanding job!

      Also, great blog post (tying everything together), and gotta love all those pictures 🙂 .

      See you in Barcelona!

      Author's profile photo Julia Dorbic
      Julia Dorbic
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Fred, thanks for your comment!! I believe 'relative outsiders' are important to have in programs like ours, a team at work or wherever, to add more diversity, feedback from outside and a different viewpoint, and strengths the 'insiders' may not have. Even though I could not give technical expert advice to the executives or challenge them, or hold tech sessions, I believe I tried my best to add value to the community and represent it! 🙂

      Hopefully see you in Barcelona or even before- yes! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jacinto Cho
      Jacinto Cho

      Hi Julia are you mentoring? I am looking a Mentor in SAP Fiori