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WMS – Stringent FIFO/FEFO challenge with replenishment

Recently I came across an interesting problem concerning stringent FIFO/FEFO and replenishment.

We all know that in WM, you can use stringent FIFO to search for the oldest quant or least remaining shelf life.
In addition, you can customize the exclusions to make some storage types non-relevant for stringent strategy bin candidate lookup.

So basically, you will exclude all the interim storage types, and some storage types you think are not suitable for stringent (if any).

Sometimes that’s not enough of a functionality to cover all the possible processes.
I have seen more than a few topics on SCN that request a solution for this problem, and none of those are answered. Some were even misunderstood and never actually thought through in it’s original and meant-to-be form.
That’s why I wanted to get into this problem and solve it once and for all. If I will be able to do so that is… 🙂
I will list a scenario and possible solutions that cross my mind, I will test those in the following days and try to find a solution for this problem.
I’ll then post a solution if I manage to find it.

SCENARIO: let’s say we have a case like this:

* We want to use stringent FIFO for picking for delivery
* We want to use stringent FIFO for replenishment of fixed bin

* We have storage types (001 – Fixed bin, 002 – High rack, 003 – Bulk non-mixed)
* In case of picking for a delivery – we want to use stringent from 001, 002, 003 the oldest quant of all
* In case of replenishment – we want to pick only from 002 and 003 STs

THE PROBLEM: possible solutions
1) If we set-up stringent to include 001 (Fixed bin), it will sometimes create a TO for replenishment from 001 => 001 which we don’t want!
2) If we exclude 001 from stringent, during picking for delivery it will not consider 001 – fixed bin which we don’t want!
3) User exit for stringent works only if it’s +++ not if it’s *** ! If we use +++, we write the code completely which is very bad since we have it already by standard.
4) User exit for picking on storage type level – will it get trigerred if using stringent? And if it does, how to influence the tables to remove the unwanted candidates (from the same storage type – 001 – fixed bin ST). But, even if it works, how will the stringent FIFO behave? When remove wrong candidates, will it repeat it’s search? Need to be programmed and tested thoroughly.

So a logical choice is to choose the number 1) combined with numbe 4) if achievable/possible.
I will be testing this and try to get it done in the following days, and I’ll post the results.

Edit: Here is the post that solves this issue:

WMS – Stringent FIFO/FEFO challenge with replenishment <Solution>

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