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iWatch saving minutes of my day!

Out for more than a month now, the question is, has the Apple Watch proven its worth for the enterprise. I have been asked many times if I thought the Apple Watch was really worth it. In my opinion, it’s up to the individual, not necessarily the role in the organization. However, for this working mom of three active boys who is a self-confessed over-volunteer, it has given me back precious moments in my day.

Let me explain my typical day…

My day starts early, having morning meetings with Germany, but I don’t miss a call even if my phone is somewhere else. The Apple Watch allows me to take the call while making my morning tea.

After my early morning meetings, I run around my house to get my kids ready for school. Instead of walking back to my home office to check emails every 5 minutes, I can glance at my watch to determine if an email needs immediate attention, saving myself those precious minutes I need to get the kids to school on time.

As I’m running out the door, I’m always looking for my phone in the morning but with the watch I can save precious minutes of searching by instead using the watch to ping my phone. No more frantic searches for the phone (keys on the other hand are a work in process).

On the drive to work, I no longer have to touch my phone saving me a possible ticket. Instead everything comes up as a notification on the watch. If I am headed to a different office, the SAP Campus App on my watch gets me the address and starts navigation.

During the work day, my Apple Watch is there to remind me it is time to get up and walk around. Another useful feature is that when scheduling meetings, I can check my watch to see what time it is in another office. No more Googling time differences.

Most importantly, the Apple Watch gives me access to email that I might disregard in the regular work day. For example, I could receive an email from my son’s baseball coach telling everyone that practice time was delayed 30 minutes. Without the watch, I may have missed the email but instead with a little tap to my wrist I now have that extra time to go to the gym for a quick run. While at the gym, I continue to save time by using the watch to kick off my workout and music. My phone can stay in my pocket, no need to fumble with it during workouts.

After dropping off one son at baseball, I rush home to pick up stuff for Cub Scouts. When my husband calls me and my phone is on the charger, no problem, I still get the call thanks to the watch. It also allows me to continue to run around the house grabbing everything I need while talking into my wrist. (I look little silly so good thing I am home.) With everything I need grabbed at home, the watch saved me critical time to make it to my next meeting on time.

So is the Apple Watch worth it? As for apps, I have not yet fully used them unless there is a notification that taps my wrist to tell me something. I still would rather get my phone out but that may someday change.

In the meantime, I would rather be notified on the watch there is something to approve for my team and then take the action on my phone. For me, the working mom of three active boys who volunteers in baseball, Cub Scouts and other activities, the tap on the wrist to be reminded/notified about something I’m missing without having to pick up my phone helps me course correct and brings all the different dimensions of my world together.

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