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Issue deleting multiple members from a dimension – BPC 10.1 NW SP5

Warning : only delete a single member before processing a dimension using BPC 10.1 Standard (NetWeaver) SP5

Only a single record in the BW table is deleted when deleting multiple dimension members through the BPC dimension admin.

We have managed to resolve this issue by applying note 2164233.

I have tested this at 3 different customer installations of BPC.  This has been raised as a message with SAP, but I thought it worth sharing.

Scenario 1: Delete multiple members of a dimension through the BPC dimension maintenance.

7 members have been added to a dummy dimension

Starting position – members appear OK in both BPC and BW

BPC Members Pre deletion.pngBW Members Pre deletion.png

Delete 4 members from BPC then process the dimension

BPC Members deletion 1.png

Only a single member is removed from BW

BW Members deletion 1.png

Refreshing the BPC dimension using UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE results in the members reappearing in BPC.

BPC Members cache refresh.png

Scenario 2: Reuse a member ID but with a different case.

DELTEST5 has been previously deleted as a part of a multi delete and had been left in the BW database.

BPC Members scenario 3.png

A new member DELTESt5 is added

BW Members scenario 3.png

Both DELTEST5 and DELTESt5 appear in the BW

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      • Hi Mark,

        This is good information and thank you for sharing it.  I just checked the note 2164233 and it seems that it has been up-ported for BPC 10.1.

        I found this in the Support Packages section of the note: CPMBPC 810 SAPK-81007INCPMBPC