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MRP: Planning regularly a specific material

In some situations, we want to have a specific material planned on a regular basis by MRP, even when there was no MRP relevant change for this material and the planning file was not set.

This is generally necessary when a planned order was created outside the opening period. If there was no MRP relevant change, this material will not be planned again by MRP and a purchase requisition will not be created when the planned order reaches the opening period.

One of the possible solution is to run a regenerative planning run (processing key NEUPL), however, with this key all the materials will be planned and this is a frequent cause of performance issues.

Another option is to use the setting “plan regularly” on the MRP type and this blog will explain how to use this setting. With this setting, a material can be planned on a regular interval, defined on the MRP group.

The first step is to create an MRP type on the customizing transaction OMDQ where the flag “plan regularly” is set on customizing. On the following example I have created a new MRP type Z2 as a copy of the standard MRP type PD, just setting this flag.


The second step is to define a “Maximum MRP interval” for the MRP group on the customizing transaction OPPR.

max mrp 1.png

On this example, we have defined an interval of 7 days, which means that this material will be planned by MRP 7 days after being planned for the last time.

max mrp 2.png

After that, ensure that the MRP type and the MRP group were assigned to your material on transaction MM02.


Now, if you run MRP for your material, you can observe on transaction MD21 that a planning date has been set on the planning file. This material will be planned again by MRP after the planning date, even if there was no MRP relevant change for this material.

On this example, MRP was executed for this material on 03.06.2015, therefore, considering that we defined a maximum MRP interval of 7 days for this material, the planning date calculated was 10.06.2015.

Therefore, with the above settings we can ensure that some materials are planned regularly, without using the processing NEUPL.

planning date.png

It means that this material will be planned again if you run MRP on 10.06.2015 or after, even if the planning file has not been set in this period.

If this material is planned again by MRP before 10.06.2015, a new planning date will be calculated, considering the maximum MRP interval.

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      Author's profile photo shailesh mishra
      shailesh mishra

      Dear Caetano,

      Thanks for the very nice explanation. If we manually create a planning file entry of a material from MD20 on a specific date, will material be planned on that specific date or may be planned even before or after that if Demand supply imbalance in stock requirement list occurs?

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shailesh

      I'm sorry for the late reply. Setting both the net change and the planning date only makes sense if you are using time-phased planning. Otherwise, the planning date will not be considered and this material will be planned on the next planning run.

      If you set only the planning date, then your material will be planned on this date if the planning file is not changed.