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Configuring Lumira Desktop to BIP with HTTPs enabled

Lumira document can be published for BIP when HTTPs is enabled both for Tomcat & WACS.

If Tomcat is configured with HTTPs then publish of lumira document to BI platform should work without any issue and no configuration required as it uses Restful web services hosted on WACS for publishing.

If WACS is configured with HTTPs, then we need to follow below steps for configuring lumira desktop so that publish to BI platform works fine.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Launch HTTPs enabled BOE CMC in the browser ex https://<BOE machine name>:<WACS  port number>/BOE/CMC

  2. Right click on the lock icon, click “Connection” tab, and click the Certification Information link. You should see a dialog. Click the Details tab on top and click the “Copy to File…” button and follow the instructions and place it in a folder for eg:  SSL in C drive.

  3. Obtain correct JVM Version similar to SAP Lumira Desktop from SAP Market place and place it in JRE\bin folder of Lumira Desktop

  4. Download the InstallCert program and put its contents into Lumira Desktop’s jre\bin\InstallCert . You’ll need to manually create the InstallCert subfolder.

    Use IE browser to download.

  5. Import certificate to cacerts using keytool

         In Lumira Desktop machine, Run cmd as Administrator and navigate to

         C:\<SAP lumira desktop install location>\Desktop\jre\lib\security & run the below command

         “C:\<SAP lumira desktop install location>\Desktop\jre\bin\keytool.exe” -import –file C:\SSL\certificatename.cer  -keystore .\cacerts -alias aliasname

         Password – <provide password>

         Note certificate name is the name of the certificate saved in step 2. Use password “changeit” to install certificate.

   6. Navigate to c:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\jre\bin\InstallCert and run the below command

        ..\java -cp . InstallCert <WACS hostname>:<WACS SSL port>

        Accept a certificate and will get a success message

        NoteWACS hostname, provide machine name or machine IP.        

    7. Launch lumira desktop and publish to HTTPs enabled BIP.

    8. Goto preferences in Lumira Desktop for SAP Lumira for BI Platform, provide following URL

        https://<BOE machine IP address>:6405/biprws

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  • Does Lumira Desktop support SLL? I tried configuring but it is not working. I have WACS configured and running on HTTPS. I am trying to connect to Business Objects Enterprise (BI Platform). When I created a message with SAP, SAP came back saying Lumira desktop currently doesn't support HTTPS. 

    SAP cameback with below.

    KBA   2077486 - Lumira shows error "Connection failed: Could not connect to Central Management Server (CMS)"  where it says Lumira does not support SSL yet. I verified with Lumira Product Nexus and it is still a limitation.

    • Hi Pradeep,


      Which part is not working for you? Are you able to connect to the BI Platform when you login using the menu item on the left side?


      With kind regards,


      Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

      • Sorry for the delayed response on this.

        No, When I click on SAP BI Platform on the left side menu and entered the URL as https://<hostname> :<https port of WACS>/biprws

        I get the below error.

        I can see that WACS is running on both HTTP and HTTPS.

        In your posting you said that if I have configured HTTPS on tomcat, this should work directly right? I have configured Tomcat with HTTPS and what should be my URL in this case?


        • Hi Pradeep,


          My apologies for the late reply but I finally managed to get Lumira via https up-and-running. To connect via de WACS to the SAP BI Platform you can use the URL as described below. You have to follow the steps mentioned above to add your certificate from the browser and import it into the key store.

          Please check your log file of Lumira add share that with me if it doesn't work.


          With kind regards,

          Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

    • Hi Pradeep,


      Connecting to the BI platform when doing a data aquisition is officially not supported indeed. It will be there as of 1.31 patch 4 after we worked closely with SAP to make it happen. I already have a fix that could do the trick ;-).


      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs