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Configuring Lumira Desktop for BIP to Publish as a Windows AD User

Publishing lumira document from desktop to BIP uses Restful web services. A restful web service is hosted on WACS. So we need to configure WACS and Lumira Desktop to work with Windows AD Domain Controller. Below are the steps

To be done in Lumira Desktop machine:

  1. Place krb5.ini and bscLogin.conf files in lumira desktop machine
  2. Go to lumiradesktop.ini file and provide the parameters as mentioned below

<Location of bscLogin.conf>\bscLogin.conf

<Location of Kerberos>\krb5.ini

   3.  Restart lumira desktop

To be done in BOE machine:

To publish a lumira document from lumira desktop as a Windows AD user, the below properties need to be set in the WACS.

  1. Login to BOE Machine
  2. Go to Servers and Select WACS server
  3. Go to Properties of WACS server and set the following properties
  4. In WACS properties, Go to Active Directory Configuration Settings and provide file details as shown below in the image
  • Krb5.ini file location
  • bscLogin.conf file location

    5. Restart WACS server

    6. Publishing a lumira document as a Windows AD user should work fine.

publish as AD user.png

publish as AD user.png
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