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Author's profile photo Jon Fortner

4.1 SP5 Promotion Manager Constant Issues

The Promotion Manager tool does not bring instances and the UMT refuses to move content from one 4.x system to another. I am currently testing this on BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 5.

Can anyone suggest a better way to to move content from 4.1 SP1 to our test box with 4.1 SP5 Patch 5?

We have Over 100,000 reports and need to move several thousand for testing. Why? Because updates to BOE often fail with critical issues, so we can’t apply it to our system and hope it works.

    I read in a separate post that SAP will eventually create a thick client for customers who need to move larger amounts of content. I already tried the UMT on this SP5 and it refuses. Does anyone know if and when this new thick client might be coming?


– Fails most of the time

– Some failures only say “Failure” go look at the logs. How about a clue for us inside PM?

– One error on a connection said this, “Relationship would not be a tree after update so bailing”. I guess bailing is a strategy for this poorly designed tool. It appears to me that you must bring every universe that uses that connection before it will actually bring it. That’s just plain wrong. I may not want those other universes over-writing previous work.

– Duplicate name. This and any other tool needs to allows us to overwrite ANY existing content if we so choose. Someone changed the CUID using Save-As and kept the same name. I need to replace that file — why not let me? The only solution here is to delete that content and rerun the job. With users and groups, this is at best a large nightmare.

– No instances in scheduled reports come over. In fact, even the report won’t come over if the destination report has instances. What kind of choice is that?

Most of our dashboards depend on scheduled reports, so what’s the point in not bringing the instances with that content?

What else might help?

1. It would be EXCELLENT if SAP designed an Easy Button for mirroring content to another server. It would have to ensure nothing points back to the source system and create new cluster keys. We have tried this manually, it wasn’t fun and still has artifacts of the original system.

2. If they are working on a tool to move larger amounts of content, it would be SPLENDID if they also made a way to mirror the security across all folders without having to move all content and all users at the same time. We could move the Groups in batches, then hit the easy button and it magically assigns the groups to the folders, universes, etc. 

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      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks


      A few suggestions that came to my mind when reading this:

      1 -  Do this incrementally, not in 1 shot.

      2 - Use the Command line interface (CLI)  to avoid web-timeouts & to scale better with larger repositories

      3 - Consider moving 'content by type' in sequence: 1) users & user-groups 2)  server groups, connections & universes 3) documents (webi / cr etc)

      4 - make sure the APS which hosts the Promotion Management (LCM service) is highly sized (large -Xmx value in cmd line) for the purposes of this 'heavy lifting'

      5 - Use LCM from the 4.1.5 install, not the 4.1.1

      IMO There are no reasons why the job/process your are undertaking can't be achieved.



      Author's profile photo Jon Fortner
      Jon Fortner
      Blog Post Author

      If anyone is following, Henry's suggestions are good ones.

      1. I am doing it in smaller chunks and even split jobs so only Universes and connections come over first. Had to do this because it expects all universes that use a connection to be there or it won't migrate it.

      2. I have not tried the CLI. I'll try it. See SAP Note 1969259 for help on this.

      3. In the jobs I'm running, I am no longer including User/Groups. But, if you don't, it will not replicate the security of the objects and it'll have to be set manually. I have over 9000 folders, 1600 universes, 200 dashboards, -- this is painful.

      4. I already doubled the LCM memory to 4GB, I may go to 6GB. Is there a way to tell if it hits this Max limit?

      5. I did use the LCM from the SP5 install.

      I seem to have better luck going from Source to LCMBIAR, then LCMBIAR to Destination.

      Perhaps this works better for some of the same reasons the CLI does? Again, it does not set security and has to be done manually.

      Any idea why it won't move instances? Is this by design or is there some setting I'm missing? I unchecked a couple of PM settings that had a limit on instances and age, but it made no difference. I even created new schedules so they were not old and again no diff.

      I have tried 30-40 variations on the same job that move about 8 WebI reports and some dashboard objects. It has issues when old instances exist in the destination. You either have to delete the instances, or delete the report. But then you have to reschedule everything since the tool won't bring over the instances.

      Author's profile photo Moritz Hoedel
      Moritz Hoedel

      Hi Jon,

      Regarding your issue with the UMT:

      I'm not sure if this still works, but it should be possible to deactivate the version check,

      by adding the startup parameter "-internal_use_only_noversioncheck" to UMT.


      -jar upgrademanagementtool.jar -internal_use_only_noversioncheck

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Jon Fortner
      Jon Fortner
      Blog Post Author


          I'm aware of that switch, but in reading it may cause other issues including corrupted files.

      Author's profile photo Ludek Uher
      Ludek Uher

      This should never have been accepted as a blog. Rather the whole piece should have been posted as a series of Discussion (e.g.; SAP Rules of engagement; one query per Discussion). For a description of blog vs. Discussion vs. Jive Doc, vs wiki  see:

      The Difference between a Discussion, Blog Post, Document and Wiki

      Alternatively, having an Enterprise product, you have access to SMP where you can create phone incidents at no cost. I will leave this as is since Henry provided a number of excellent answers. But I will ask that any further queries be penned as Discussions - with one query per.

      - Ludek

      SCN Moderator

      Author's profile photo Jon Fortner
      Jon Fortner
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the links, I wasn't aware. Can this be moved to a Discussion?

      Author's profile photo Ludek Uher
      Ludek Uher

      I wish 🙂 , but no. It's ok here for now. Only other option would be to copy everything and post is as a Discussion. But I think with my rant 😯 , anyone reading it will get the point.