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The (r)evolution of words – blogging on the new #1DXCOMMDEST

Hey fellow 1DXers!

After getting a feeling how the present content is saved and migrated in the blog SCN Migration Overview, Part I: Blogs, let’s focus on our future. I would like to share how the SAP Blogs platform will work and also describe some of the major changes we have in mind.

Brian Bernard wrote about the “collective vision”. We got a lot of ideas and feedback from this wonderful community, not only SAP Mentors and Moderators or the SAC, but everyone and that’s what we try to adapt into our SAP Community platform. You gave us the opportunity to make this an even better place. So if I had to describe SAP Blogs in three words, those would be: simplicity, performance and DevOps.

Simplicity: Run simple. We hear this everywhere, right? In the case of SAP Blogs we tried to follow this general guideline, by squeezing a lot of functionality into a clean and simple design without the feeling of having too much information. In Goodbye Spaces, Hello World of Tags you were introduced to the new concept of not having spaces anymore to bring our worlds a bit closer together and show everything you are interested in in your personalized activity streams. From the blogs perspective, you will have more entry points to find what you are looking for depending on their tags and related areas.

Performance: In one of the demos I did in the last few weeks, someone posted a comment similar to this in the group chat: I don’t care how it looks like, but I like the performance! Well, we like it too (but also care about the design and functionality 🙂 )! Check out what our Performance Engineer guru Shmuel Krakower has to say about it in his blog Performance of the new SAP Blogs platform.

DevOps: Agile? Yes. Collaboration between development and the operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle? Big yes! And the fun part only starts now… 🙂

The road to publishing

SAP Blogs introduces a 3-tier community blogger system based on experience and some reputation elements. The purpose of this concept is to make our community healthier, more educated and protected. Let’s see how the new Community is built up:

Subscriber: This is the entry level, when a new member registers to the Community. They have authorization to comment on posts, but cannot create blogs. This level helps the new members to get an idea about how the Community works, learn what rules we have and to reduce the possibility of incoming spam attacks. After completing a mission (specific one still to be determined) they can move forward to be a contributor.

Contributor: This is the learner level. Contributors can write and manage their own blog posts, but cannot publish them independently, only with the help of a moderator. The moderator of the tag can decide whether the post fulfills the Rules of Engagement and can provide helpful feedback and tips to the member on how to improve their posts or if it needs more work before publishing. Once the contributor has two or more published blog posts he or she automatically becomes an author.

Author: An experienced Community member who can publish and manage their own posts independently.

As for our existing user base, either you will become a contributor or an author, based on the rules described above. So if you have two or more published (live, not rejected or deleted) community blog posts (from within the set of migrated blogs) you will be granted an author permission level. Coffee Corner space blog posts are not included in this rule.

SAP Mentors and SCN Moderators will be granted author permissions automatically.


We tried to define what high quality content from a community perspective is and how we can measure that. This includes engagement: comments, likes, follows, bookmarks and ratings.

In the future, most of these functions will still be available for your use to share your opinions. Based on Community best practices and our own experience with SCN, we will continue to have likes but not ratings in the new release.

The main reasons for that are that ratings are not part of the industry standards and after analyzing this function on SCN in the last years, the experience was that they are not utilized in a meaningful way. The Community has not really given ratings to distinguish good from bad. Just as a fun fact to see what I’m talking about:

  • only 33% of the total blogs have a rating,
  • only 20% of the total blogs have two or more ratings,
  • only 2% of the rating averages are equal to or lower than 3 stars.

(Image source:

Beta Plans

The SAP Blogs Beta system is finally up and running starting from the 26th of May. It will be updated with the latest sprint developments every two weeks. The plan for the Beta site is to gradually introduce new functionality to the Strategic Advisory Council announced in A Vision for Community or Why We Can’t Do It Without You to get their feedback and opinions about the direction we are going with the new Community including functionality and design.

The Strategic Advisory Council will provide feedback and comments that the project team will follow up on regularly. In collaboration the project team and council will determine timing for extending access to broader groups.

Those who applied for the test announced in my blog 1DX Blog Testing – We Want YOU! #1DXCOMMDEST can start getting excited about it soon too as validation testing will start in Beta in July.

So I would like to encourage you all to raise your voices, share your opinion and keep your eyes and ears open to what our Community has to say!

1DX rocks! 🙂


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      Author's profile photo Arif Johari
      Arif Johari

      Hi Gabi,

      Just to be clear, when are these changes going to take effect?

      Cheers, AJ

      Author's profile photo Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi AJ,

      The go-live will happen in November.

      Author's profile photo Nigel James
      Nigel James

      Are we still on track for November?

      Author's profile photo Michael Appleby
      Michael Appleby

      Nope.  Pushed into 2016, but the new date has not been announced yet.

      Cheers, Mike

      SAP Technology RIG

      Author's profile photo Jeanne Carboni
      Jeanne Carboni

      Hi guys, we are working on the announcement now. (And moving forward on the MVP.) As Mike says, we don't have the new date yet. Stay tuned.

      Author's profile photo Jeanne Carboni
      Jeanne Carboni

      The announcement is now posted:  Update: Community and One Digital Experience