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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Responsive UI

With our 15.05 release, we are launching a new ‘Responsive UI’ for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

  • At its core, the new Responsive UI follows the Fiori design paradigm and is at the heart of our user-first strategy
  • Users of other SAP Fiori applications will instantly feel at home with the consistent and harmonized experience across SAP applications
  • With this release, we are beginning the journey to fully embrace the Fiori framework of design thinking, user centric design and associated technologies to power future user interaction for end users
  • We are already working hard on new user-productivity scenarios following this new paradigm and specifically keeping our mobile users in mind

Customers are constantly telling us that our UI design is the best in the industry, and with the new ‘Responsive UI’ – you get mobility at its best.

  • It is being built ground-up to run across all devices – from desktops to tablets, to smartphones to smart-watches
  • In this first release, we are focussing only on iPads, Android Tablets and Desktops only – a large percentage of our user base. With our next release, we are focussing on smartphones
  • These steps are part of our journey to converge into a single user interface powered by Fiori in the future

We are launching new mobile applications so that you can experience this new UI on your tablets.


So go ahead, try out our new ‘Responsive UI’ send us your feedback.

P.S.: Our existing HTML5 UI remains available for use and will continue to be supported. All customizations done on the HTML5 UI are available automatically on the new Responsive UI. We’ve tried to cover the most used scenarios in the first release and are working towards increasing the coverage with each release.

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  • Hi,

    great article!!

    i have a question, this UI is based in HTML5, this means SilverLihght Mode will dissapear at some point?.

    in order to see the administration WoC and adapt mode, administrators will continue to use the usual interface? or this new UI will also have an administrator mode.


    Mario Contle.

    • Hi Mario,

      At the moment, the Responsive UI is targeted only at business users.

      Further, customer key users and administrators should evaluate the features available in the Responsive UI and check whether it makes sense for their business users and decide which UI suits them the best.



  • Hi Ankan,

    The layout looks great!  My reports are displaying on my Responsive UI iPad home page. But when I drill into the reports there isn't any data.  Is there an update I need to do to make the data visible?  The reports are still populating on my Customer Insight app.

  • Hi Ankan,

    What i have observed, the new created custom WoC and Views not displayed in the Responsive UI. Is this a limitation to include the custom UI in current release?

    Moreover, i found a strange thing is that the custom UI which created before 1505 releases shows in new UI but for new created.

    Do you have any idea here?




    • Hello Pushkar,

      I tried the link provided by you to download it for my Android tab. I successfully installed it, however when I open it, nothing happens. The screen turns blank. Does anybody else face same issue?



      • You should be prompted by the app to set up a security passcode and provide the service URL and logon passwd. No blank screen 🙂

        Please reboot the android tablet and see if the problem clears itself out.

        Thank you.

        • Pushkar, even I was expecting the same. Settings for logon details which I am supposed to fill and try the app. But not sure why am I getting nothing but blank screen. Maybe I will try another device and will let you know.



          • Maybe try an unistall, reboot and re-install. I tried it on the Lollipop version of Android. What version of Android are you on?


          • Hello Ankan,

            I tried restarting, re-installing , all basic methodology which I feel to test before raising this concern.

            @Pushkar: I am trying this on Jelly Bean device.


          • Saying that, you mean devices lower to this won't be able to access this. So one will have to purchase new device with latest OS to experience this. 🙁

          • Yes Chandan.

            Our aim is to build the best mobile experience we can provide to our users and we want to make this future-proof. For this, we are dependant on some OS features that are far more stable in Android 4.4.2 and above.

          • Yes I completely agree with you so I will have to purchase new device to explore this feature. 😀

            Thank you guys for the prompt help to understand the issue.

            Cheers team.

  • Hi,

    I noticed that offline mode is not available in the extended app.

    And i also noticed that all extension fields for a BO are automatically extended to the extended app, so we do not have to manually extend like the non-extended version?


  • I can see in the app store we still have a version from June 2nd, when is the new version going to be uploaded to cover the 1508 new version

  • Hi Ankan,

    when testing the responsive UI on iPad (15.8) I realized that in fields where an object has to be selected (e.g. account-field when creating a phone call) no values are proposed while typing, like this is done in Silverlight or HTML5-client. The user always has to open the value help and search for the account. Is it planned to include this functionality also in the responsive UI or is this impossible due to technical limitations?

    Thanks in advance and BR,


  • Hi Ankan,

    Hi Pushkar,

    Could you please share any information when the Responsive UI can also be used as Standard UI on Desktops?

    We are currenlty implementing C4C and the going live and end user training is scheduled for September 2015 and we are really not sure what UI will be the "right one".

    The current UI situation is really confusing for us:

    iPhone: App "SAP Cloud for Customer for iPhone"      (not using responsive UI)

    iPad: 2 Apps available;

              SAP Cloud for Customer for iPad (not using responsive UI)

              SAP Cloud for Customer, extended edition

    Desktop: Standard HTML5 client without responsive UI, we could swith to "newclient.html"  (BTW: if you switch to "newclient" no menu entries available to start the MS Silverlight mode or to change "my settings" to apply for SSO certificates)

    So for users in Sales Dept. who are using iPhone, iPads and Desktops C4C looks different on every device. Even for IT Admins or Key Users it's a nightmare.

    I am really missing a clear SAP strategy here.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Best Regards


    • Matthias,

      SAP plans to keep investing in beefing up the functionality available with the Responsive UI over the course of 2015 and 2016.

      Based on your current planned timeline for rollout, SAP would recommend that you evaluate the functionalities available as part of the responsive UI for suitability to your end user use cases and then decide if you want to leverage the Responsive UI for your end users based on current availability across different Devices and OS/Browser platforms. SAP recommends that administrators and key users leverage the Silverlight UI to work with the service offering to satisfy their administration and key user responsibilities at this point in time.

      As mentioned in the guidance document at, please stay tuned to our quarterly calls to find out more and engage with SAP to evaluate whether your end user use cases of SAP Cloud for Customer are available with the Responsive UI or not.

      The next quarterly release call is planned as outlined at

      Thank you for your time and attention

  • Hi,

    We tried it, business users like this new app. But some of the functionalities are not working on both iPad app and the URL.

    1. Account hierarchy node is not expanding, not showing the expand icon to open the node. It shows only the parent account, even the "exapand all" option is not working.

    2. It is not displaying Territory management work center.


    Praveen Bandaru

  • Hi,

    In Products and Products->Registered Products, I noticed the Warranty related screens and fields are not there. Is this in a future release?


    Mark Tada

  • Like the new UI and especially the offline device-agnostic functionality!

    Any plans to include the Customer Insight iPad only app into the responsive UI so it's functionalities become available for other devices?



    • Hello Gunter,

      We have already started adding Customer Insight capabilities in the extended edition app across platforms and devices - the Homepage is already available including tiles, and you will soon be able to drill down into reports.

      We plan to cover most of the Customer Insight functionality in the upcoming releases.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Ankan,

    is there a timeline when product lists will be available offline in the Extended iPad app?

    This is important for one of our customers. They want to go live in January and if this doesn´t work latest in 1602 we need to use the native app in a first step. Otherwise we could start immediately with extended app in order to avoid additional training for the app switch

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hello,

    are there any plans to implement some system setting so the administrator can activate the new ui for all users? Just as it is possible to activate HTML5 for all users?

    Thank you and BR,


  • Does this responsive URL support SSO? SSO url for cloud for customer takes us to our identity provider however when we give in the responsive UI link - it does not redirect to the IdP. Please advise.



  • Hi,

    do you know how to access specific items (like a task) in the responsive UI with SSO directly via a URL? it is described how to do it in the Admin Guide for the standard HTML5 but not for the responsive UI. By using several parameters it already worked for me using responsive UI without SSO - unfortunately not with SSO.


  • Hi experts,

    In new responsive app of C4C, is there any option for adding prefix for button/icon.

    Ex: for create there is "+" icon/ button, the client requirement is : they want "New +" insted "+".


    Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.


    Thanks and regards.

    Santosh K