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New SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP NetWeaver Portal Features (NW7.31 SP16, NW 7.40 SP11)

This blog is for portal content administrators who would like to learn about the new features developed in the latest Enterprise Portal support package for Fiori launchpad (FLP) on EP, their added value, and the configuration required.





The following minimum required SP for EP: NW 7.31 SP16, NW 7.40 SP11.


For Remote ABAP content consumption scenario, the pre-requisites are:

  • SAP Web Dispatcher or any other reverse proxy, which is responsible to dispatch the requests between the ABAP Frontend Server (FES) and Java server (EP)

Note: only one FES is supported as of today.

  • Minimum required SP for your ABAP GW server is:
    • for ABAP GW server NW731 you need UI Add On 1.0 for NW 7.03 SP12
    • for ABAP GW server NW7.4 SP11 you need SAP_UI 740 SP12 component
  • Administrators need to activate the following OData services in the Customizing activity to enable the Remote Content editor:
    • /UI2/INTEROP
  • An ABAP FES user has to assign catalogs/groups to one of the his roles (from transaction SU01 open the tab Roles, choose a role, open tab Menu, open the rightside dropdown list of Transaction button, choose Catalog or Group, search for the  required catalogs/groups and assign them to the role).


For additional information please refer to SAP note 2031108.

1 Remote ABAP Content Consumption

Administrators can consume catalogs and groups from an ABAP Frontend Server (FES), so that end-users can see them in the tile catalog and the home page. Tiles are rendered in a similar manner, regardless of whether they are based on portal content or remote ABAP content.
For this, administrators can use the new remote content editor to add catalogs and groups from ABAP FES to portal roles.
Using the editor, administrators can assign ABAP catalogs to portal categories. This allows tiles from both existing portal categories and ABAP catalogs to appear together under the assigned category in the tile catalog.
The ABAP groups can be consumed together with the corresponding catalogs. These groups can be assigned to portal categories. If a category contains a tile configured to appear in the Home page (so called pre-defined group), the ABAP group will be merged with the pre-defined group and thus appear in the home page.
End users can personalize remote ABAP content in the same way as portal content: they can add tiles, remove tiles, reorder tiles, create groups, delete groups, etc.
To enable Remote ABAP content consumption, follow the steps below:
1. In Framework Page Configuration select Fiori Framework Page in dropdown list and set the property SAPUI5 Library Source to ABAP (please click on the picture for better reading):
     2. Define a destination corresponding to an ABAP FES and establish the connection:
      1. Use the link https://<server>:<port>/nwa and search destination in search window
      2. Define a new destination for the ABAP FES of type “http”. In the Destinations window, enter a new URL in the syntax: <protocol>://<front-end server host>:<front-end server port>/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/
      3. Choose your logon type in Logon Data tab. For the type Basic provide an FES user (and password) to which the catalogs were assigned
      4. Choose Ping Destination button to check the connection.
      • Destination name can contain alphanumeric characters (a-z,  A-Z,  0-9), special characters (underscores (“_”), hyphens (“-”), parentheses, and tildes (“~”))
      • Destination name cannot include spaces
      • FIORI_CATALOGS  service should be activated on FES
      • ABAP FES authorization should be granted for the EP administrative scenario (details).
     3. Go to portal content:
      1. Open a role for edit
      2. Verify that an Entry Point property is set in the role structure
      3. Click on Add Remote Content button
      4. Add remote catalog(s)/group(s)
      5. Save:
4. Launch the Fiori framework page URL alias not with the EPserver URL, but with SAP Web Dispatcher URL (with an end-user who is assigned to the relevant portal role). Go to the Tile Catalog to see new category with the name exactly as maintained in the Fiori Launchpad Designer (FLPD):
5. Optional: Assign an ABAP catalog to an existing EP category using the Assign Categories button. The ABAP catalogs will be merged with existing tiles assigned to the categories or assigned to an “empty” category:
     6. Add an ABAP group and assign it to a locked group on the home page using the Assign Categories button:
2 Locked Group
Administrators can configure a locked group of tiles which cannot be personalized by end-users.
Only one locked group can be configured for a home page. A locked group always appears at the top of the home page.
Any administrator’s changes to a locked group are automatically reflected on the home page, in contrast to predefined groups, which users need to reset to see updates.
In the example above, an ABAP group is added to the locked group called Company Locked Area and the result looks like this:
To support this capability, the following configuration is required:
1. In Framework Page Configuration select Fiori Framework Page in drop down list and select the Enable Locked Group checkbox:
2. Open Portal Content->Portal Users->Standards Portal Users->iViews->Fiori Launchpad->Fiori Launchpad Categories. Search for Locked Group ID and Locked Group Title properties; enter a title and an ID for the locked group:
3. Choose a role/role folder/workset which content is to be displayed in a locked group, and mark it as an Entry Point. Make sure that no role/role folder/workset above the chosen one is marked as an entry point as well (like in the example below: the folder ESS_WDJ is marked as an entry point, and the main role FFP_Demo_SP16 is not.)Open the role/role folder/workset properties editor and select Lock Group checkbox under Personalized Launcher category. Only iViews or pages which are one level below the relevant container are added to the locked group.

3 Dynamic Tiles

Administrators can configure properties to enable iViews or pages to be rendered as dynamic tiles in FLP on EP. The information displayed on dynamic tiles could be pulled from back-end systems using OData services or component.
To support this capability, the following properties have been added to the Properties editor:
  ● Service URL: specifies a URL configured to a relative path of the service or component (not necessarily portal) that      returns    an OData structure

  ● Interval after the display is refreshed (in seconds)

  ● Unit label to be displayed (optional).

The dynamic tile will send a request to the server for update data according the refresh time interval.  In order to receive valid response from the server the browser should allow server cache. For most browsers this option is
set by default, but for some browsers configuration is needed. For example, for IE 10 the following should be done:
  •   Switch to F12 mode.
  • Open Cache menu and check Always refresh from server
For IE9 and IE11 this property is checked by default.

4 NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop and FLP on EP integration

The SAP Fiori launchpad on Portal is available in SAP NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop (NWBC).
Thisprovides an enhanced user experience to users who work with SAP GUI transactions. Tiles provide access to SAP GUI transactions with a native application look-and-feel. The Quick Launch in the home page can be used to search for and launch the applications. More about NWBC with FLP on EP can be found here.

5 SAP Fiori Client

SAP Fiori Client is a mobile application that can be installed on Android and iOS devices.
This application  acts as an enterprise enhancement to the mobile browser when SAP Fiori applications are running. It provides more reliable asset caching (HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and more) as well as, on iOS, an enhanced attachment viewing process. Therefore, the application is not affected by browser cache issues.

6 Enhanced Tile Configuration

The following properties have been added to the Properties editor to support the configuration by administrators of both static and dynamic tiles:
● Information
● Subtitle
● Keywords
These properties can be used in tile display as shown below:
Keywords can be used in the search field of the Tile Catalog (filter by a category). You can also search by keyword using the Quick Launch; once you press Enter, the results appear.

7 Enhanced Object ID of Device Group Administration

Administrators can now set the device type at the container level, such as role/role folder/workset. Previously, it was only possible to set the device type at the level of the specific iView or page.

8 Enhanced Action Mode

Action Mode allows end-users to personalize the home page. It can be activated as following:
1.  By clicking an icon in right bottom corner on the home page 
2.   With an action Personalize Home Page from User Action Menu.
Action mode provides the following functions:
  • Remove a tile from a group
  • Move a tile from one group to another
  • Delete a group
  • Reset group content.
After activating Action mode, the following appears:
Now a user can move the tiles from group to group (excluding the locked group) or remove the tile from the home page:
Pre-defined group can be reset to see the changes done by the administrator. A group, which is not a pre-defined group, can be deleted.
9              System Updates
Cached resources are automatically invalidated during system updates, so that users do not need to manually clear the browser cache to see the changes. Please refer to note in Dynamic Tiles for the specific IE10 behavior.
To learn more:




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      • Hello,

        the features above are relevant for NW7.4 SP11 and higher.

        Please provide the notes numbers, it looks like there is some kind of misunderstanding.

        Regards, Irena

  • Patch 1 of EP-RUNTIME SCA is available in SMP for NW7.31 SP16 and NW7.40 SP11.

    Please note to update to latest patch to get latest and most stable version.

    Have a great day,


    NW Enterprise Portal Product Owner

  • Hello Irena,

    I have configured Fiori remote content consumption according wih your blogs using HTTP destination:

    URL: http://<gw-host>:<gw-port>/sap/opu/odata/ui2/fiori_catalogs/ (also i have tried http://<web-disp-host>:<web-disp-port>/sap/opu/odata/ui2/fiori_catalogs/)

    System ID: GWD

    Client: 100

    Language: RU

    I have created test portal role and assign catalog SAP_HR_BC_EMPLOYEE_T and group SAP_HR_BCG_EMPLOYEE_T that provides some ESS functionality for Fiori.

    But after launch FLP into portal next errors occure:

    2015-06-15 17:05:22 Error (400, Bad Request) in OData response for GET "/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/Catalogs?$filter=%20id%20eq%20'X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:SAP_HR_BC_EMPLOYEE_T'undefineden&$format=json&$expand=Chips/ChipBags/ChipProperties": HTTP request failed

    Details: Invalid token detected at position 52 - {"requestUri":"/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/Catalogs?$filter=%20id%20eq%20'X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:SAP_HR_BC_EMPLOYEE_T'undefineden&$format=json&$expand=Chips/ChipBags/ChipProperties","statusCode":400,"statusText":"Bad Request","headers":[],"body":"{\"error\":{\"code\":\"005056A509B11EE1B9A8FEC11C21178E\",\"message\":{\"lang\":\"en\",\"value\":\"Invalid token detected at position 52\"},\"innererror\":{\"transactionid\":\"557BE5D292D055EAE1000000C0A80537\",\"timestamp\":\"20150615140520.9476220\",\"Error_Resolution\":{\"SAP_Transaction\":\"Run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP NW Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details\",\"SAP_Note\":\"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (\"}}}}"} sap.ui2.srvc.ODataWrapper


    2015-06-15 17:05:22 Error (400, Bad Request) in OData response for GET "/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/Pages?$filter=%20id%20eq%20'SAP_HR_BCG_EMPLOYEE_T'undefineden&$format=json&$expand=PageChipInstances/Chip/ChipBags/ChipProperties,PageChipInstances/RemoteCatalog,PageChipInstances/ChipInstanceBags/ChipInstanceProperties": HTTP request failed

    Details: Invalid token detected at position 31 - {"requestUri":"/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/Pages?$filter=%20id%20eq%20'SAP_HR_BCG_EMPLOYEE_T'undefineden&$format=json&$expand=PageChipInstances/Chip/ChipBags/ChipProperties,PageChipInstances/RemoteCatalog,PageChipInstances/ChipInstanceBags/ChipInstanceProperties","statusCode":400,"statusText":"Bad Request","headers":[],"body":"{\"error\":{\"code\":\"005056A509B11EE1B9A8FEC11C21178E\",\"message\":{\"lang\":\"en\",\"value\":\"Invalid token detected at position 31\"},\"innererror\":{\"transactionid\":\"557EB336C91155F3E1000000C0A80537\",\"timestamp\":\"20150615140521.3985890\",\"Error_Resolution\":{\"SAP_Transaction\":\"Run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP NW Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details\",\"SAP_Note\":\"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (\"}}}}"} sap.ui2.srvc.ODataWrapper

    It seems that URL contains some error:


    If i delete "undefineden" and launch URL manualy I get correct JSON response.

    What the reason of this error?



    • Hi Dmitriy,

      Great to see you are validating the remote catalogs and groups scenario 🙂

      The "undefined" appears exactly where the locale parameter should (notice the suffix 'en'). can you please try (for the sake of test) launching the Fiori FWP with a user set with no locale?


      Have a great day,


      NW Enterprise Portal | Product Owner

      • Hi Shani,

        I have tried nexts:

        0. Unset

        1. Set user locale (property Language at UME profile) to empty. After relaunch FWP the same error occures but with "undefinedru". This means that browser language settings (russian locale) is used.

        2. Set browser language as English. After relaunch FWP the same error occures but with "undefineden".

        3. Set browser language as Russian. After relaunch FWP the same error occures but with "undefinedru".

        I.e. it doesnt matter locale of user is empty or not. FWP uses the browser settings in case of empty locale and submite it to Front-End server.

      • I have found one more issue.

        When I click to user name at top-right corner I can see at browser logs next messages:

        GET http://<host>:<port>/

        2015-06-15 18:39:17 Getting UserInfo service failed. - 

        But all items of menu is active and work fine. Is it critical?

        Additionaly can you clarify what is it the Give Feedback item? In GW FLP it can be configured at SPRO, but what about SAP Portal? Or maybe this item is consumed from GW?

        • Hi Dmitry,

          We are checking why you are getting this issue. Can you please specify which browser you are using?

          Regarding your second comment - this message is not relevant and you can ignore it.

          The Give Feedback functionality is not yet supported through the portal (a patch will be released very soon to hide this action). We plan to support it in the next release, in which we will consume the configuration from the GW.

          Have a great day,


          • I have tried Google Chrome and IE11. The both shows the blank page. The error message I have got from Chrome Developer Tools (F12 key). If it is necessary I can clarify the browsers build number.

            Thanks for a clarification regarding to the Give Feedback menu item. I will waiting next release within this feature.



          • Hi Dmitriy,

            Seems this is a bug. Can you please open an OSS message on component EP-PIN-NAV-FFP with the above description?

            Once you open it, please let me know (in private message) and we will pick it up and deliver a fix.

            Thanks in advance,

            Have a wonderful day,


          • Hi Shani,

            Thanks for your help.

            I have opened OSS. But I cann't send its number to you in direct message since we are not connected.



  • Hi Shani / Irena ,

    We have upgraded and could get the features working as given by SAP. Remote catalog will give us an option to limit tiles returned from backend based on roles using enhancement . But there is one more requirement we are trying to address -

    Currently all tiles in group are displayed all together with no navigation and cluttering the home page with many tiles. Is it not possible to group tiles so that rest of the tiles are displayed when we click on that tile?

    For Example - get one ESS Tile and when we click on that then we see 5 tiles into it . On Home page we just have ESS / MSS / Admin and tiles within them appears when we click on them .

    We can call backend launchpads as one tile but that creates search issue ( FFP search will not search tiles on FLP ) and multiple headers issue and also different groups would appear on FFP and FLP .

    With remote catalog I thought it would create one tile per catalog and tiles would appear once we are in that catalog .

    Is SAP going to provide this kind of option in future on FFP or that will not be possibility at all ?



    • Hi Sudarshan,

      currently there is no such functionality as one tile representing several tiles and no plans for it.. FLP approach  is similar to what you have in your mobile phone or tablet:

      • every tile is launching an application
      • there are favorite tiles (FLP home page)
      • there is a catalog for all available tiles (Tile Catalog).

      Additionally  you have:

      • categories and groups:  ESS tiles in your example could be in one category/group
      • Quick luncher on Home page
      • Search by varios criteria in Tile Catalog.

      I mentioned the last 2  features only to emphasize that the number of tiles on a page should not be an issue: a required tile can easily  be found and launched by its title or part of it and by some other criteria.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks Irena for your prompt reply . I am aware of and using all the features you mentioned. Since this will be considered as hard stop by our usability / business team we will have to explore some options here.



      • Hi Irena / Shani ,

        • I will continue with my question regarding grouping of tiles on portal in more structured way. Showing all tiles on home page is making UI too busy. In attached screenshot I have given a sample where how it looks like a wall of tiles for some of our users who have got maximum tiles . We are evaluating FIORI on portal for our go-live solution and the only road block is the way it looks like when all tiles are brought on the same page.

        • You did refer to iphone / android in your response but in mobiles also we have an option to group applications in folders so that not all appears at once on home page.
        • FIORI on portal is a great solution and its very much appreciated by us but just this one little thing where we can get option to structure in more better way and not expand all tiles by default in the group will be great. Don't you think this will be an option in future for better user experience ?
        • If we can have at least expand / collapse option on groups and everything comes as collapsed by default and user expands it to see all tiles contained in it. OR a tile representing many tiles on home page can be an option. Search in that case should be searching all .
        • As I mentioned in my previous post bringing backend launchpad as application does group tiles but then there is search issue , multiple headers and new left hand menu . Remote catalogs too bring all and show all tiles contained in it. I was wondering if you can put any thought into it and bring this as possibility in future. I checked on how other vendors are doing  it and for them it open when you click on tiles on home page. Attaching screenshot from one of them.

        • Last point is about personalization and different from above. In SAP documentation it is clearly mentioned that you have to clear UCD to bring in changes done by admin . This will be delete all setting done by user including new groups created. Then what good is personlization for, where security can change almost daily and user should not get an iView but that iView continue to appear until UCD is cleared out, new applications can be pushed and nothing is updated until its cleared out and deletes all work by user. So basically disabling personalization on FFP is the only option left for us . I was wondering if SAP can handle in personalization in such a way that we don't have to clear every time to get new changes .

        Wall of tiles from our system

        wall of tiles.PNG


        Example from other Vendor

        from one of other vendor.png

        • Hi Sudarshan,

          wrt the last point: the updates done by administrator are visible in Tile Catalog without cleaning  UCD  when new applications are added to an end-user role. Then a user can personalise his environment adding these apps to his home page groups.

          Best regards,


          • Thanks Irena for your response .

            • Yes, I noticed that it does come in tile catalog , but it does not come to the category / group to which we assigned the iView without cleaning up .
            • If iView is moved out of role either by portal config or programmatically, it still continue to appear on home page unless you clear UCD. But as expected application will not run when you click on it . Not appearing on home page without clearing UCD will be a good idea as user may not like all their settings gone .
            • Regarding my other point related to navigation can I expected a response in next few days ? I am sorry if I am bothering with you all my questions but I want to check all possibilities from SAP to convince my organization to go with FFP and not HCM Renewal as that is not responsive , slow and not SAP's future direction. Thank you very much for your patience and reading my questions.



          • Hi Sudarshan,

            please find some of the answers for all of your questions.  I hope it can help

            Sorry for delay,


            Q: Yes, I noticed that it does come in tile catalog , but it does not come to the category / group to which we assigned the iView without cleaning up .

            A:  If an iView is not coming to the category means that the category on the iView and in
            the Fiori categories are different (even a blank in the end of category name  matters!) . As for the groups,tiles should be assigned by end-user. The only group where the administrator has
            full control is a Locked group. The changes in Locked group are visible

            Q: If iView is moved out of role either by portal config or programmatically, it still continue to appear on home page unless you clear UCD. But as expected application will not run when you click on it . Not appearing on home page without clearing UCD will be a good idea as user may not like all their settings gone .

            A: You are right, there is no nice solution for this today. I will check wit product manager what are the  plans to make it better

            In general:

            - There are no plans today to provide tiles , grouping  other tiles. Personally  I do not think it is necessary. When you search on the Launchpad header, you search in both, home page and tile catalog. So if you know anything  about the tile you want to find, e.g. name, subtitle, keyword, you will see it in a dropdown list and launch it without even screen navigation.

            The idea is not to put all the tiles on home page, but only the most often used ones. And another comment about the new tiles an administrator wants to add to the end users: there are  tile properties which allows to the administrator to mark a tile as a new  or recommended one. If it absolutely must  for the end-users to have the tile on the home page – administrator adds it to the locked group. All the rest can be added by end-user himself from a category "New" or "Recommended" if necessary. It is a concept which is different from the old hierarchy completely controlled by the administrator.

          • Hi Irena ,

            Thanks for your response !

            • We have decided to disable personalization completely until SAP handles it in better way .
            • Regarding better grouping of tiles and not to show all at same time , this is what I did -
            • I have made groups title clickable where they show and hide tiles ( toggle ) and by default when user logs in first group has tiles visible .
            • When you click on group title left side , it navigates there ( provided by SAP ) and I make that group expanded and rest all others collapsed.
            • No change was done to SAP logic , just added new portal component to make it work. I am trying to make these groups as circles (responsive ) instead of bars to look it more clean but this is close to what we need.
            • See screenshot below -

            Fiori Framework Page.PNG

            Fiori Framework Page.PNG
          • Groups organized as tiles and application tiles appear when you click on them. Continuation to my previous response but instead of bars its tiles for group too and responsive . I am mentioning this just to get your feedback and any points which you think we should be careful about as that may help us in getting correct approach. Thank you ! Groups as Tiles.PNG

            Groups as Tiles.PNG
  • Patch 2 of EP-RUNTIME SCA is available in SMP for NW7.31 SP16. We recommend to update to latest patch to get latest and most stable version.

    Have a great day,


    NW Enterprise Portal | Product Owner

    • Hi Irenna / Shani,

      Thank for the detailed steps in blog. I tried the setup to pull the remote content.

      I have EP-RUNTIME Patch 1 installed and we are not able to pull any Catalogs from Remote Content. I am using direct Gateway Server URL in Destination.

      We are getting JSONObject["d"] not found exception when ever i try to search for the remote content. by:

      JSONObject["d"] not found.


      Patch 2 seems not available for download yet. Appreciate any suggestions on the above error.

      I have a OSS Message opened for this exception.



      • Hello Sumanth,

        I`ve verified and EP-RUNTIME patch 2 is available in SMP for download. You can also download it from SAP note 2180900.

        Have a great day,


        • HI Shani

          Thanks for the update. Will dowoad and apply the same.

          Any suggestion on the JSON error I am getting or would patch 2 resolve the issue?



          • Hi Dimitry,

            Is it possible to share the Backend role configured to fetch the catalogs. I have given all possible scenarios with * and also as recommended in help link. I still get the No Content when searched for the Catalogs while adding remote content.

            Tried to debug the service and while searching i see calls going to Gateway with Catalog and Page.


          • Hi Sumanth,

            Do you mean PFCG role that assign to my user (the Portal - GW connection use SSO)?

            My backend user has SAP_ALL profile and 2 roles that was created using template from SAP.



            But I think that in your case the reason of issue is not permissions. It seems that it is bug because the JSON object "d" contains configuration of the tile, but GW doesn't return it.



          • Hi Dmitriy,

            Thanks for the roles pictures. Have one question. Is your Gateway system in HUB Deployment or Embedded option.

            If it is HUB, for FIORI_CATALOG Server what is the System Alias assigned? is it LOCAL or backend business system Alias?



          • Hi Sumanth,

            could you solve the authorization issue? We are facing exact the same issue, that catalogs and groups are returned only when user has SAP_ALL assigned. But this is not an option for us.

            Thank you for your help.

            Regards Oliver

          • Hello,

            I`ve verified and EP-RUNTIME patch 2 is available in SMP for download also for 7.40 SP11. You can also download it from SAP note 2180900.

            Have a great day,


          • Hi Shani,

            Thanks a lot! Patch resolve the issue with incorrect URL.

            But I have few new minor problems^

            1. The subtitle of standard tiles displayed only in English. But they have translation to another language (particaly into Russian that I use when logon into portal).
            2. The order of tiles in group is not same as it was configured on GW.

            P.S. It is very important to run transaction /UI2/INVAL_CACHES if you made some changes at GW catalog/group/tile configuration before importimg it into portal 🙂

          • I noticed another feature: news tile doesn't import into portal. But JSON response (expand = Chips/ChipBags/ChipProperties) contains info about it.



          • Hello Dmitriy,

            We support ABAP catalogs and groups for transactional Fiori apps in 7.31 SP16 and 7.4 SP11. News tile is not supported at this point.

            Regarding the issues described above - are you referring to subtitle of a remote tile or of an EP tile?
            If i is an EP tile, you need to maintain the translated strings through the Translation Worklist. If it is maintained in the ABAP, please open a message on CA-UI2-INT-BE.

            Regarding the order of tiles in a group, this is correct, FLP (not only on EP) does not support order of tiles in a group\catalog.

            Have a great day,


          • Hello Shani,

            Thanks for answers.

            Is it planned to support news tile on FLP in the future (and more generaly - double tile with custom images)?

            I am referring to subtitle of a remote tile. The local EP tile works fine in sence of subtitle translation. I have opened OSS.

            About sorting. I was put into doubt because if I arrange the tiles in the GW group configuration mode (not a catalog, only group) it affect order of tiles in FLP on GW. But the same doesn't right for FLP on Portal. If it is correct behavior - ok, I understand.



      • Hi Sumanth,


        I understand this is an old post, but still, were you able to fix your issue ? I am facing the same issue on NW 7.4 SPS11, EP-RUNTIME patch 24.




  • Hello,

    We're configured fiori launchpad on portal completed.

    We also using SAPUI5 Library Source as "ABAP" via Framework Page Configuration.

    Everything is seems working fine but the screen is freezed and the landing page have a huge gap between chips.

    Please find attachment for more details.


    SAP Netweaver Portal (EP) 7.4 SP11

    SAP ECC 6.0 (608 SP15)

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

    Wasan D.Fiori_issue.jpg

    • Hello Wasan,

      It looks like  the UI5 versions of  ABAP and Java are not aligned.

      Java UI5 version  should be <= ABAP UI5 version.

      Try upgrade your ABAP UI5.



      • Thank you very much for your reply

        we have just upgraded the ABAP UI5 component that you mention and now the issue is solved

        Best Regards,


          • OK, so you were not on the minimum required SP regardless of Java UI5 version.

            I would like to rephrase this:

            EP server should be on NW 7.4 SP11 (minimum)

            FES or Gateway server SAPUI5 component should be SP12 (minimum).

  • Hi Shani / Irena,

    excellent blog. With many information.

    We did a update of our Gateway and Portal system to SP11 for NW 7.4.

    I started with the remote content consumption setup, but now I have the problem that the service ‘/sap/opu/odata/UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS/’is not available in my gateway system.

    If possible please help me.

    Is there a patch missing? Or missing customizing?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Best regards,


    • Hello Christian,

      Thank you for the feedback!

      We`ve encountered a similar issue when the FIORI_CATALOGS service was not activated.

      If you need assistance in activating it, please open an OSS message to CA-UI2-INT-BE.

      Have a great day,


  • Hello Irena,

    Unit now the FLP is  working well but I found bugs in locked group that It's disappeared when first time logon and I need to refresh browser by click F5 button.

    Also the Employee Lookup is not working in FLP even it works on FES.

    So could you suggest me how to fix the issue or any workaround solution?




    Best Regards,


    • Hello Wassan,

      for the locked group I tested and opened an internal ticket. There is no workaround for this bug.

      As for the 2nd issue - I can only guess that the tile configuration is not correct. it is not a standard content that can be tested...

      Best regards,


      • Dear Irena,

        Thanks for your reply. I'm looking forward to geting SAP note or support package to fix the issue.

        But 2nd issue, I just use remote content function to retrieve 'X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:SAP_HR_BC_EMPLOYEE_T' catalog which is provided from SAP. Most of applications are working well except employee lookup although it works on backend system

        Best regards,


        • Hello Wasan,

          In this case I recommand to open a ticket in order to allow the support team to debug the issue.

          Thank you for you feedback!


  • Great blog. thank you; it helped a lot.

    I am hoping you can answer one question: For Dynamic Tile iView, What should be entered in the 'Service URL' property of the iView? I cannot figure it out from SAP documentation.

    I am about the give up on Portal Fiori Desktop 🙁




  • Hello Irena,

    I have followed all the above steps which you have mentioned, but i am still getting the error : Failed to load catalogs when the launchpad is displayed in portal.

    Is it possible that I have missed out on something.

    Please suggest.



  • Thanks! Irena, it's very informative for the existing SAP Portal & Fiori consultants. Looking forward to work on 7.4 version with these new features.



  • Hi Irena,

    Portal is on 7.4 sp11 and SAP_UI is 7.4 sp 13.

    In Frame work page configuration , set SAPUI5 Library source to ABAP.

    Create destination using ABAP FES and select Destination type: HTTP

    Question:Destination Type is HTTP or ODATA ?

    After adding remote catalog/group to role, i am trying to assign categories but facing error.

    Please Suggest.





    • Hi Arpita,

      Destination type should be HTTP, you set it correctly.

      Please try another category (mot locked group, there are known  issues with it). If the error still exists, please open a ticket.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Irena,

        Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

        My problem is resolved and reason is destination name never contain space ' '

        Name should be Fiori_Launchpad_Destination.



  • Hi Irena,

    we face an issue the the service /UI2/FIORI_CATALOGS does not return any content when the user does not have SAP_ALL assigned. We activated the Service and created a dedicated role using SAP_UI2_FIORI_CATALOGS_READ. Do you have some detailed information on required authorization on FES for remote catalog consumtion?

    Thank you in advance

    Regards Oliver

  • Hi Irena, and Sumanth,

    With your help, and configuring the web dispatcher correctly, we are now able to view the Fiori catalogs in Portal.

    But, we are facing one new issue (Mixed Content Error):

    The links to any attachments is being rendered as HTTP instead of HTTPS. For example, Our URL for My travel and Expense App is:


    But, the link to attachments is being rendered as:


    Hence these links (or trying to upload an attachment) is failing with “Mixed Content” message (screenshot below).

    This is happening in ‘My Travel and expense’ App, and ‘My Paystubs’ App.


    Would you have any hints regarding this issue? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Irena, Shani,

    One more excellent Blog. I am trying to get Lock Group Functionality work on my local catalog. It is working fine when I assign Category as Locked Group in Fiori Launchpad Categories. But when I use Portal Group as Lock Group (ID: EveryOne_ABC and Name: My ABC), I am not seeing My ABC as Lock Group on the Homepage.I did assign same Group to User and role as well and changed Role checkbox property for Lock Group on the Role.

    Is there anything I am missing in this? Tiles are displaying on FLP but not in Lock Group. How do i connect Tiles and Group?



    • Hi Sri,

      You can have only one locked group. The locked group property should be checked-on on the role or folder or workset level (with entry point checked-on), closest to the pages or iviews.

      All the iViews or pages in the container (role, folder, workset) you checked the locked group property will appear in the locked group onthe top of home page.

      I hope it helps,


  • Hi Irena Kull,

    I have found error after install new systems. When I try to integrate Fiori applications in SAP portal fiori lanuchpad. It show the error message ‘Sorry, the content you were trying to load is unavailable. Sorry, the content you were trying to load is unavailable.’ Then I check in some error using t-code ‘/IWFND/ERROR_LOG’ in gateway system but It does not have message to me.

    The information about our system is Gateway system with SAP_UI 740 SP13 component and SAP Portal system with EP-RUNTIME 7.40 SP11 patch7.

    Best Regards,


    • Hello Wasan,

      the picture you've attached to your question is empty.

      In general I can assume that the server you are trying to reach has an issue.You can run the request to the server directly and see whether you get a response.

      I also assume that you are using Web Dispatcher to address your server, correct?

      Best regards, Irena

  • Hi Irena,

    With help of this great blog, we are currently implementing this scenario in our landscape as it is ideal for portal users.  I wonder if you (or anyone else) noticed the Logoff issue on mobile browsers:

    On mobile browsers, or using 'SAP Fiori Client 1.4', the logoff process does not behave properly. When user clicks logoff, the small window pops displaying ‘closing sessions..’ (Just like it does in regular desktop portal), but the mobile browsers do not handle it well.

    The ‘closing session…’ window doesn’t close itself, and if manually closed, the logoff still takes 2-4 minutes. (We have confirmed that popups are allowed on mobile browsers).


    • Hello Sandip,

      I read your communication with Tal. In this case the best way would be to let the development support team investigate it through the message. Please make sure you have the connection open for the system and clearly provide the details of the configured FWP and iView with Image.

      Have a great day,


  • Hi Shani / Irena ,

    I have configured remote content to be pulled from backend and assigned it to portal category ( to appear on home page by default ) . But when logged in, I don't see tiles from backend catalog in that group , I have to switch on personalization, go to tile catalog  and have to manually attach it to group . I remember doing it earlier few months back and don't recall this issue or may be that is how it is was or supposed to be, not sure though .

    Also , I don't see anything related to remote content in my role structure where I can go and say "Default App in home page" to Yes . Could you please let me know if I am missing something here ?  Thanks for your help !



    • Hi Sudarshan,

      In order to see remote content in Home page you have to:

      • Consume a remote catalog
      • Consume a group with the tiles from this catalog
      • Assignment of a group ( optional )
      • Clean UCd for the end-user.

      Remote catalogs appear only in Tile Catalog with/without assignment.

      "Default App in Home page" is relevant only for EP content.



      • Thanks Irena !

        Yes, it works with group .

        I have already mentioned this issue in earlier post that - when i remove tiles from portal role or from backend catalog and if that tile was appearing on user home page under any group , it continues to appear unless I go and clear UCD . But when you clear UCD all settings are gone and also this is practically impossible to go and clear UCD in big organization where security may change frequently . For this very reason we are disabling the personalization currently. I remember you mentioned some fix will be appearing soon and also when I met Ram in TechEd he mentioned this will be addressed . Any clue when and in which SP it will be coming as we would like to keep personalization ON . Thank you very much !



  • Hi,

    I have a problem with the Fiori Framework Page Configuration, the option to select ABAP as source system is missing (release is NW 7.40 SPS13):


    Can anyone help?

    Best regards,


  • Dear Experts,

    I'm trying to work through this click instruction to consume my Gateway Content through SAP Portal. But I couldn’t get it go until now.

    I get to the point where I have to add Remote Content to my Portal Role. It works at least so it seems.

    Now I have a catalog and a group selected for my role. I assigned the role to my Enduser. But when I launch FLP through my Web Dispatcher, I am not able to see this content anywhere. I expected it in the Tile Catalog but no signs there either.

    Unfortunately I can’t get it to display anywhere else. It only shows in “Selected Content” when I press the “add remote content” button again. Even my role in advanced editor has no signs of assigned content.

    I don't know what to do or try next.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hello Sebastian,

      What SP/patch level your portal and FES are?

      Did you check whether these catalog/groups are rendered correctly in FLP@ABAP?

      Do you see any error messages in the developer tool in FLP@EP?



  • Portal:     NW 7.4 SP11

    FES:       NW 7.4 SP11

    UI-Add On is SP13

    IN FLP@ABAP everything looks fine.

    No error messages shown in Portal either, besides one which looks like error with theming.
    But that shouldn't be the problem?!

  • Hi Shani / Irena ,

    It appears that when we add parameters on tile for its navigation they gets ignored when tile is configured as remote content on portal. Parameters are respected when you launch the same tile/app/config from backend flp . Example : For inbox we have to use parameter allItems=true , it gets ignored when I open as user on portal configured as remote content but backend launchpad does it good . Also , just FYI - parameters are respected if configure this fiori App as Fiori iView on portal but remote content config ignores it . Let me know if you have any thoughts on it or else this is SAP incident ? Thanks !


    • Hello Sudarshan,

      this is a SAP incident. Please open one, provide us connection to your system, and the most important thing:

      please explain exactly which parameter do you use and where the configuration is done.



  • Hi Shani,

    My inbox tile I am not getting number on the tiles. for example if I have 20 work items in my inbox It should display 20 on tile. But number is not displaying on the tile. Which parameter I have to modify in iview.



  • Hi,

    I have tried configuring remote catalog consumption and all steps went fine. But at the end, when I tried to test with the Web Dispatcher portal URL, I got an error on the home page. But, when I went to catalogs, I could see those catalogs and tiles. However, I could not add it to home page from the Catalogs page.

    When, I go to direct link, I do not get the error on the home page, but the same time, I do not see the catalogs in the catalogs section (I guess that is expected as we need Web Dispatcher to bring the remote catalogs)

    Below is the link to the discussion thread.

    Fiori launchpad on Portal is not working



    • Hi Bhavik,

      from the error message when launching FLP on EP via Web Dispatcher it looks like:

      your FES cannot be accessed.

      Either FES server is down or your Web Dispatcher configuration is wrong.

      BR, Irena

      • Thanks Irena.

        FES was not down and as per the WebDispatcher team, they said configuration is correct.

        Also, when I did with direct portal link, it did not throw an error making me think that for that particular URL request, it is not doing anything with FES and just getting something from Portal. Otherwise, it would have given error while using direct URL.

        But, not able to get more details on what and where could be wrong.


        • Hi Bhavik,

          The error message you mentioned is thrown in case of a problem with FES. You can send me your WD configuration or open a ticket to component EP-PIN-NAV-FFP.

          BR, Irena

          • Hi Irena,

            We are using SiteMinder as Web Dispatcher. (We already have SiteMinder in place so made sense to use that instead of adding Web Dispatcher in between.). Below is the configuration from SiteMinder.

            Below configuration now works when we try to access Standalone Fiori application from the regular portal.

            <nete:case value="<WD Host>:<WD Port>">

              <nete:cond headername="" type="uri" criteria="beginswith">

                <nete:case value="/sap/"><nete:forward>https://<FES Host & Port>$0</nete:forward>


                <nete:case value="/irj/"><nete:forward>https://<Portal Host & Port>$0</nete:forward>


            <nete:default><nete:forward>https://<Portal Host & port>$0</nete:forward>



            FYI... I have raised OSS Message as well as per the suggetion.



  • Hi Experts,

    I'm trying this for the first time and at some extent, I'm able to do it but when I'm running the URL I'm just getting Background image of Fiori Launchpad (Purple Flower with Blue base).... neither UID/ Password Window nor any tiles and even No Error's in F12 (Network or Console).... Sometimes, Error's are good (it at least give us a chance to look somewhere).... Well, any pointers folk?

    Reply is much appreciated!


    ~ Mahendra

  • Hi,

    The remote catalog and the dynamic tiles are working fine in our development environment but in QA system which is at same SAP level the remote catalog and dynamic tiles are not working.As soon as  i change the UI library to point to ABAP in fiori framework page configuration the portal launchpad starts dumping and throws error as shown in the image,

    In the NWA logs it throws error failed to connect to ABAP server.

    Please guide.



      • Hi Irena,

        The SAP Ui5 library version on our QA portal is same as n our Dev portal UISAPUI5_JAVA.

        I am not sure as how the fiori launchpad is connecting to ABAP system just when i change the SAP UI5 library version to ABAP in fiori framework page configuration because in the NWA the error thrown is not able to connect to ABAP server.If i switch the UI5 library version to JAVA the launchpad loads fine with all the fiori applications.

        Do we need to match the SAP UI5 library version in our portal with the Gateway server.But just by changing the ui5 library version how is the portal launchpad connecting to ABAP server,



        • HI Radhika,

          from your description the issue is not SAPUI5 on portal and gateway different versions.

          I suggest to access the gateway via web dispatcher., then run portal via Web Dispatcher in the same browser window with ABAP library.

          If portal is running, it means the issue is in SSO.

          Regards, Irena

  • Hi Irena,

    I want to show S4HANA fiori Launchpad in EP, NW 7.4 sp11.

    i have created an iview using SAP Fiori iview templates to show the Launchpad in EP

    and changed mandatory properties like, ECC system, category,device group etc..

    i have created ECC system which connect to backend HANA system using web dispatcher.

    All connections os ECC system are tested.

    Dispatcher is also point to the correct backend system.

    when i try to open a Launchpad iview in EP,it show blank page.

    i am using google chrome browser.

    Blank page.png

    i right click on this page and select view frame source

    View frame.png

    Copy the link, which i got from' View frame source' and paste in another tab, then only i will able to see  S4HANA fiori launchpad.



    Is there any problem regarding system or sp level updation?

      • Hi Irena,

        Many thanks for your reply.

        I used this document and i am able to open  FLP Designer, but i want to open S4HANA FLP LAUNCHPAD, not designer.

        I have created SAP Fiori Iview for launchpad,as i mention earlier.but it does not work.

        now, I Created UI5 iview as per below link:

        Creating SAPUI5 iViews - Portal - SAP Library

        and mention relative path for LAUNCHPAD: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html

        Is there any problem with relative path?

        In this case also, if i right click on page--> open view frame source-->copy URLink --> paste in another tab-->then only i am able to open launchpad.

        ui5 iView.png

        Best regards,


        ui5 iView.png
        • Hello Dhara,

          In the documentation relative path does not start with "/", please try it as well.

          Also I did understand whether you have changed your navigation mode to a new window, or keep opening the iView in-place.



          • Hi Irena,

            Thank you for your reply

            after removing " / " , Still same problem.

            And this is hana launchpad so which method is good to create launchpad iview.

            Either use SAP Fiori Iview or SAP UI5 iview.

            Ehp launchpad run successfully in my portal but only problem when i try to call hana launchpad.

            Is there any issue with dispatcher or SSO?



  • Hi Irena,

    Thanks! for a very informative blog.

    I am facing a issue in a scenario of FLP integrated on SAP Portal using SAP fiori iview template as below:

    I am facing an issue in display of SAP Fiori Launchpad contents when being launched from portal Role (web-dispatcher portal url). I am getting the content as in below screen-shot. Please note that the same content is being launched properly when using direct web-dispatcher fiori launchpad url.

    My EP version is NW7.4SP09 & FLP is NW7.4SP13

    Please help in resolving the same, if anyone has faced similar issue earlier.

    * Web-dispatcher is configured for integration scenario and we are able to access portal using same.

    link to discussion:




  • Hi Irena,

    Thanks for the blog. I am successful in consumption of remote content from gateway on Portal FLP.

    But when I change some information on tile like subtitle then it is not visible on Portal. How this sync is going to happen? HTTP destination is working fine and I tried to add and remove catalog and group from Portal role but it didn't help.