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BCO6181: A Journey to Greatness

As you can tell from my first web blog that I am new to blogging. A wise man (Tony de Thomasis) once told me in our first class of BCO6181 that useful content on the net is valuable for when recruiters are profiling you. It’s all about the google test.

So for my first web blog I would like to talk about my experience in BCO6181 and hopefully sometime next week I can have another web blog about the effect VMware has on SAP, its competitors and where to next.

If I was given one word to describe the course, I would choose awesome. On 25th of February when I first walked through the doors of FS1106 I thought to myself, great I have to sit through this boring seminar for the next 12 weeks. Boy was I wrong.

I’m sure my current and former colleges can all agree that, this is by far one of the coolest subjects and Tony is an amazing teacher.

In the 12 weeks we cover things like, what is personal brand and social media, The Goggle Test, Profile Shadowing, Professional networking events and social media, Ice-Breaking at Networking Events and interviews and also OpenSAP and OpenHPI platforms.

Before I go further, I want to talk about a 3 interesting points.

Personal brand and social media:

In this topic we talked about how we could sell ourselves. We covered things like using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and all the social media pages. This didn’t mean that you should share personal stuff and what you did on the weekend with your friends. Things that could sell you to when you go to an interview and what recruiters look for.

The Goggle Test:

The google test was another thing that was interesting. Tony explained to us that to get a job and impress the recruiters, you must pass the google test. How the google test works is, you google your name using quotations. If you have a lot of hits, it shows you are someone interesting and do a lot with his time. So how you pass the google test is simple. Create social media accounts, always try to write blogs, share constructive content with people that are in the industry and most importantly network. The google test distinguish you from another individual is applying for the same job.

Ice-Breaking at interviews:

It has been said that to succeed in interviews you must find the name of the person who is going to interview you, then use online resources for information that maybe helpful in the interview. The person undertaking the interview may partake in social activities such as cycling or soccer and if this happens to be your past-time then it could be mentioned in the conversation. Making a connection in some way will prove to be valuable in enabling yourself to stand out from the crowd. Your networks inside the company plays an important role in this.

Moving on to the assessments.

Throughout the semester we experience many hands on activities like using virtual machine (VMware) to work on the SAP system. As a bachelor of Computer/Network Engineer graduate I was in my comfort zone.

We also had the opportunity to collaborate a 6 minute presentation which included demo to the class. I had the opportunity to present VMware to Matthias Steiner, Graham Robinson and the course coordinator Paul Hawking. Despite the lack of HDMI cable I wasn’t able to present my demo which was running VMware from my laptop and using remote desktop to view what I was playing on my PC at home.


Below is the link to my presentation on Prezi:

We were also asked to post a web blog about any top regarding SAP, on the cloud or even a reflection on BCO6181. I was unsure what to write for my web blog so I decided to take a page out of the great man Matthias Steiner and constantly blog about any topic that would draw people in. Besides this reflection I hope to blog about topics relating to SAP and my favourite topic VMware and the cloud.

Despite the hands on activities and valuable knowledge, what I found to be the greatest weapon of BCO6181 was the industry guest lectures that came in weekly and spoke to us. The passed on their experiences, knowledge of the industry and how we could go that extra mile to be someone in this world. I was truly grateful and each week I added a mentor to my contact list.

To wrap this up, what an experience. It has truly been an honour for me to have taken up this class and if I could do this all over again I would. Thanks to Tony’s guidance and helping me think outside the box, I have registered for many SAP seminars and I hope to attend the next event.

So if there are any students who are thinking of doing BCO6181, don’t think or hesitate. Enrol in the class ASAP while Tony is still teaching. Not only has my life changed for the better even students who have enrolled in this class have been impacted.

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      Manjunatha Kanakuppi

      Nice one Hassan Hassan ...keep blogging.... 🙂