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ABAP Coding Tool – Naming Convention


The aim of the program ZCODING is offer some tools for help to Developer. This is the first draft version

You can define:

  • Naming Convention.
  • Upload the Document of “Standard of Programming” of your company in HTML format. (Sometimes called: “Best Practice of Programming” or “Naming Conventions”, etc).
  • Activate BADI for detected ABAP programming. If your company has a lot of programmers in different place, then might be convenient have a list of programmer.
  • Object Generation (Not released).
  • Estimation Object (Not releases).

Display of ZCODIGN transaction

Video Demo


    1. Install SAPLINK and SAPLINK-Plugin.
      • Create program ZSAPLINK “ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER.txt”
      • Install Nugg of SAPLink “SAPlink_Daily.nugg”
      • Install Nugg of Plugin “NUGG_SAPLINK_PLUGINS_BUNDLE_v1.0”
    2. Install the following nuggs of ZCODING , the ZIP contains:
      • NUGG_ZCODING_CLAS.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_DOMA.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_DTEL.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_PROG.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_SXCI.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_TABL.nugg
      • NUGG_ZCODING_TRAN.nugg
    3. Create Maintenance Table for the following table:
      • ZNC_T003 (Customizing table)
      • ZNC_T002 (Customizing table)
      • ZNC_T001 (Customizing table)
      • ZNC_T000 (Customizing table)
      • ZCODING (Transparent table OPTIONAL)
      • ZABAP (Transparent table OPTIONAL)
    4. Create the following Customizing IMG, manually by SIMGH (IMG Structure Maintenance) transaction
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZNC_T002
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZNC_T001
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZNC_T000
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZNC_DEVELOPER
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZCODING
      • CUS0    Customizing IMG Activity    ZNC_T003

Example: For Customizing IMG Activity: “ZNC_T000” is necessary create the following points of IMG

Customizig tree


              IMG Activity ID: ZNC_T000

  5. Upload Document of Standar of Programming of your company in TCode SMW0 – SAP Web Repository Name = “ZHTML_STANDAR_PROG”

  6. Customizing the name of the document in TCode: ZCODING_CUT –> Coding Customizing–>General Customizing –> “Obj. name” = “ZHTML_STANDAR_PROG” or in the customizing table

   7. Create a program ZCODING_CUT

The program ZCODING_CUT must have correct ID tree, verifiy with the table TTREET. Verify with SE38 program ZCODING_CUT


*& Report  ZCODING_CUT
   DATA: s_ttree LIKE TTREE.

       structure_id                = ‘<Serching in TTREE table>’.

I think that nothing more is needed. 🙂



  • General Customizing: Activate the tabstrip display, the document of  “Standard Programming” of your company  and an Example Program
  • Define Type Object: Define which objects you want to display a naming convention
  • Activate Pattern to ZCODING: Define which patterns for your company
  • Define Naming Convention: Define the naming covention of your objects.

Code Inspector Configuration

Create and configure the variant ZCODING. Active the “Naming Conventions”


Version 1.0 : First Version

Currently I’m working in the new version 2.

About the author

If you have any questions report error or need an object, please write me by email.


My name is Salvador Nicolás Cervantes. I’m System Engineer, SAP ABAP Consultant and Project Manager. I’m from Argentina.

My personal Page: CERVANTES, Salvador Nicolás

My Linkedin Profile:

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      Author's profile photo Sandy Singh
      Sandy Singh

      Nice Tool.

      Fewcustom structures are missing like  zcoding in the nugget.

      Nugget has only following objects. Could you please upload the Custom structures, data elements or tables. Thanks


      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_CUT

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_EXAMPLE

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_FRM

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_CLS

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_PAI

      Installed: PROG - ZNOMENCLATURA

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_TOP

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_SCR

      Installed: PROG - ZCODING_PBO



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Nicolás, the link is unavailable.. Could you check it?

      Author's profile photo Cervantes Nicolás
      Cervantes Nicolás
      Blog Post Author


      The mistake was corrected.