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How To – Change/Customize Alert Name in Technical Monitoring Workcenter

This blog will list all the steps to be followed here covering how we can customize the Alert Description in Technical Monitoring workcenter  without any ABAP Development.


There are lot of customers where this requirement pops up so I thought may be I will share the simple steps to achieve this requirement without any development(ABAP) effort.


Requirement – In technical monitoring workcenter, we can see a lot of alerts stating same message like “Oracle Data not Available” or ABAP system not available” for all the configured or monitored systems.




Thus, for  a big list of systems where we need to filter on managed object column or create a custom query to get a system specific alert. So question arises – Is it possible to modify the subjet of an alert and include the ID/SID of the System in the subject of ALERT Itself.


Answer is Yes it is possible and let us know see how it can be achieved.


Step 1 – Create a Custom Template


In solman_setup transaction, kindly choose the Technical Monitoring ->System Monitoring Wizard and then navigate to ORACLE(or relevant database template) for modification of database alerts.



Now Click the button EXPERT MODE.




Click CREATE CUSTOM TEMPLATE button and then provide a name for your individual Production System etc( Please note that we are going to create a system specific template)



Now save it in a Transport Request and Package( here I have used $tmp only without any TR as don’t want to transport.)




Step 2 – Adapt the Subject for Alert description.


Choose METRICS,EVENTS, ALERTS HIERARCHY tab and then click on Change Setting Tab




On the above screen, choose the relevant alert for description change etc and then in the Name field we can add SID XXX (e.g.) as per requirement.


Save the changes.


Step 3 – Activate the new Template


Now choose the step 6 – SETUP MONITORING



Further use Apply and Activate button to apply new configuration template.




Now if we visit our Technical Monitoring workcenter, it is possible to notice alert with respective System SIDs in the subject and no more filtering is required at all.




Also, in the dashboard the specific system, we can see all the Alerts with our custom description.




This is really an interesting standard customizing option which is giving us lot of flexibility to improve the usage of Solution Manager Technical Monitoring and we can also do whole bunch of other things here but restricting to topic here.


Another interesting topic is discussed below where we can see the steps to configure Alerts description in emails triggered via these alerts.

How To Configure –  Alert Description in Technical Monitoring Alert Emails (Notifications)

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      Author's profile photo Shahid Ahmed Khadri
      Shahid Ahmed Khadri

      Hi Prakhar,

      Thanks for sharing this. I have a query here: Is it possible to change the Alert subject to reflect the actual metric name, instead of the category?

      Like: In case of work process monitoring of ABAP instances, we have an alert subjected "Not Enough Dialog Resources". The subject line is misleading which catch attention of the resource that there is hardly any dialog resources left in the system. Whereas the system will have enough no.of free DIA wps. However, the attachment i.e. alert analysis report shows a red rating to metric "Number of long running dialog work process" (as per threshold set).

      Would like to know if the metric name itself can appear in the alert subject which would give clarity on a glimpse of the alert, rather than misleading.



      Shahid Ahmed

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      We are Monitoring multiple clients from One Solution Manager. How Can we Create a Template for All Aletrs where we have CLIENT NAME in SUBJECT line  in the Alert Emails ?