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Say No to Domestic Violence

                    Written by Amandeep Kaur Sekhon and Ruhi Saini

We would like to start with the quote written by Alice Bag

“If anyone hits me, they can expect to be hit back, and harder. I never turn the other cheek because in my experience that doesn’t work.” 

As a post graduate student in Victoria University, we got a chance to work for visualizing data about Domestic Violence under the guidance of our Respected Professor Dr. Paul Hawking and Tutor Dr. Scott Bingley. He also made us to write a blog as a part of assessment and it is the first time we are working on blog.

We learnt to work in SAP Lumira tool used for various purposes to visualize data in Business Analytics class (BCO 6007). We decided to investigate about the rate of domestic violence among different regions of Victoria and the reasons behind the growth rate of violence. In our society, there are numerous cases of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is crime to harm a person physically or mentally by other person. It can be cruelty, forcefulness or violent behaviour by a partner, care-taker or a family member to monopolize, dominate or overrule. In most of the families, minor misunderstandings arise in due to some reasons. But still it is a sign of healthy relationship if the problem rise and easily resolved. In healthy relationship, both members understand the equal rights and ready to compromise to find a solution to the problem. But if the one person keeps on harming other person either mentally or physically and other is just tolerating it, is termed as domestic violence in families. The person who dominates is called as perpetrators of violence and tries number of approaches to harm other person like

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Psychological or fiscal abuse
  • Sexual violence
  • Discourteous behaviour
  • Forewarn harming to children or beloved ones.

And moreover domestic and family violence, there are different sorts of violence that can happen in families and relations. These sorts of brutality are not much connected to conduct examples of force and control; however they can be destructive to people and to family and group sociability. All roughness is excluded.

Individuals who have emotional health issues, poor peace making abilities or substance abuse issues may be vicious to relatives or friends and family without this being a piece of an example of pressure or control. Savagery can happen inside of any sort of relationship. This incorporates savagery by ladies towards men, brutality focusing on more seasoned individuals or individuals with inabilities, and viciousness by young people towards societies. It is essential to recall that individuals who experience different sorts of savagery or miss-use in the home can be hurt or disgraced in comparative approaches to individuals encountering local and family violence.

For the purpose of analysing data, we use the data for family incidence in Victoria with the help of SAP Lumira. We visited numerous sites for example Australian Bureau of Statistics, Parliament of Australia, Police sites. Gathering information was a challenging part and any how we successfully collected the data from the Victoria Police site, cleanse the data according to the requirement and uploaded to SAP Lumira. The data about the family incidence according to Local Government Area (LGA) is used to visualize in terms of year, regions and division. Also it is analysed about where children were present at the time of incidence and also where charges were laid. Furthermore the Safety Notices issued and Intervention Order passed discussed for the family violence.

From the information of last five years, family violence is increasing rapidly.

Visualization 1


Visualization 2


Visualization 3


To sum up, it can be said that as the time passed from 2009 to 2014, the rate of incidence and charges laid, safety notices and intervention order increases but the ration of charges and safety measures is very less as compared to the increasing rate of family incidence.

The visualizations above depicts that with the passage of time, people are becoming less socialized and do not value relations and becoming harsh towards mankind. So there is a need to spread education among people and make them aware about their rights. As there are numerous people who are just suffering the violence and not complaining and raising their voice against the criminals. Also it is seen that as compared to the number of family incidences occurred, the safety notices issues and intervention orders passed is very less. So it requires Government to take strict actions against the criminals and pass hard and core rules for the safety and security measures of individuals.

Many Thanks to

Dr. Paul Hawking

Dr Scott Bingley

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