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Design Studio 1.5 : Connect to SAP HANA via HTTP

Hi All,

In Design Studio 1.5, we can now connect to SAP HANA Systems using an HTTP Connection to an InfoAccess(INA) instead of ODBC/JDBC connection

Pre-requiste : HANA system should be on SP9(revision>=90)

we will connect to SAP HANA system using an HTTP connection

Where : Goto Tools->Preferences->Application Design->Backend Connection

here you will have section with “SAP HANA Connections (HTTP)


Click on Add button to add new HANA system and give below details


Valid Host name, 

port should be 80xx(xx-instance number) and

protocol HTTP/HTTPS and click on OK, HANA system will get added now


Added system should be able to visible in Select Connection dialog while adding data source to an application


Connect to system and add data source


Thanks & Regards,

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  • Hi Subhash,

    very clearly explained.


    Just one Problem (for me). When I add my new HANA http DataSource to an application, I get this error message:

      “HTTP connection error: response code 0 is caused by an unreachable server.

      For example, a programm that handles HTTP connections as a proxy is not running,
      but the client is configured to use this proxy.”

    Do you know what I should do?

    Do you know the name of the service I should be connecting to?



      • Hi Subhash,

        I will ask our Basis guy to check. I suspect, however, that you are correct as I cannot find the INA User role mentioned in the SAP note 2097965.

        Best Regards,


      • Hi Subhash,

        HCO_INA_SERVICE has been installed and the authorizations have been changed as mentioned in note 2097965.

        The http protocol connection works!

        I still got an error message when creating the http protocol connection in Design Studio Preferences. Nevertheless, this does not seem to have any impact. Strange!

        Thanks for your advice


        PS Here is the error message:

        An error has occurred while trying to invoke the method java.util.Map.get(java.lang.Object) of a null object loaded from field of an object loaded from local variable ‘this’

    • Hi Simon,

      “The error is in fact not triggered by the new HANA connection, but by one of your BW connections when trying to retrieve its (probably non-existent) router description.

      Please note that this error will not occur any more in 1.5 SP1, because the saplogon.ini parser has been completely rewritten in order to support the new file Format SapUiLandscape.xml introduced by SAP GUI 7.40.

      The code causing this error does not exist any more.”

      Design Studio 1.5 SP1 is scheduled for the end of this week.



  • Hi all,

    We have BW with HANA back end Database.

    I would like to access data directly from HANA data base without using/ without going to BW application.

    So my  Design Studio Setting is as follows.

    It would be highly appreciable and helpful if someone suggest on my requirement.

    In which i have to create a universe in Information Design Tool?(Relational Connection/OLAP and JDBC/ODBC) and further steps also please?



    • Hi Aby,

      If you directly wants access your data from hana database you can directly connect to hana with ODBC connection or via HTTP as mentioned in this blog(for HTTP hana shold be >=sp09. Once you create ODBC connection/HTTP connection to hana you will be able to see HANA connection in design studio while adding data source.


      If you want an universe in between your hana and design studio you can create a Relational connection in information design tool and create universe publish it to the repository and then you will be able to see your universe while adding data source in your design studio..



  • Hi All,

    I have an issue with HANA Http Connection.

    I am unable to use hierarchy which is coming from calculation view in HANA, except for hierarchy other generic reports are working fine in Design studio and Analysis for Office.

    Can anyone provide me with the insight about this.

    Current System:-

    HANA – 1.0 SP9

    Analysis for Office :- 2.0

    Design Studio :- 1.5

    Thanks and Regards

    Karthik Kumar C V

  • Hi Subhash,

    After installing the DS 1.5 i am unable to view Http Connections for HANA.

    I am able to view HANA connections but no http.

    No add button as well as shown in your screen shot.

    Attaching the screen shotHana Http1.JPG

    Thanks and Regards

    Karthik Kumar C V

    Hana Http1.JPG
  • Hi Karthik,

    I have the same issue which you have with no seeing HTTPs Hana connection in design studio 1.5 or 1.6 but can see olap odbc hana connections.

    Were you able to get this to work?  I tried Akshay suggestion but I have access to regedit.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Yeah i was able to work this out.

      Initially my preferred start up mode was BI Platform mode since i was using OLAP connection to access the cube from HANA.

      2 Ways to rectify this issue.

      Option 1:-

      Use your preferred startup mode as local mode.

      HANA http connection does only show up in Local mode and not in BI platform mode.Please refer screenshot from ABYABY above for navigation.

      once you have establish the HANA HTTP connection in local mode along with your design, you can export the copy to local drive,in my case i have exported to desktop.

      You can find the export option under Application tab.

      Then change your preferred start up mode to BI application mode and import the file you have exported to desktop and then you can save this file to BI Launchpad or folder.

      You can find the import option under Application tab

      Option 2:-

      Create a Hana Http connection in CMC.

      After login to CMC go to OLAPConnection  and create new connection and under provider option you have HANA http connection ,provide all the credentials and save this connection.

      Will write in detail with screen shots about it

      Thanks and Regards

      Karthik Kumar C V

      • Hi Karthik,

        did you get Option 2 working? I want to use HANA http connection and BIP mode. Created the HANA http connection in CMC, but when trying to use the connection in Design Studio 1.6 I do not see the connection?!?

        Is HANA http connection through BIP not supported for Design Studio? The same connection works fine when using Analysis Office…

        Thanks and regards,


        • Hi Harold,

          I am able to use the hana http connection created in CMC in design studio.

          My Design studio version is 1.5.

          Can you check the User privileges for the same.

          Also try disabling antivirus and firewalls.

          Thanks and Regards

          Karthik Kumar C V

  • Hi Subhash,

    Im trying to connect to HCP from DS 1.6.

    I created HTTP connection using 80xx.

    When i use the connection to connect by providing username and PWD it throws error saying “HTTP Connection error”.

    When i try to login using HANA mode http://server:80xx , it says “Error in HTTP Connection, Reason : Not Found”.

    Please help.