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PowerBuilder Mobile Update

Appeon Technology

“Tech Tip”

Creating HintText for User Input

Appeon has updated the coming release of Appeon Mobile with a new feature called “HintText”. The HintText displays a value in the TextField and disappears when that TextField has focus (for example, when a user taps it to enter some data using their keyboard). Mobile customers can use this feature to greatly heighten the user experience with their apps.

To learn about the details, refer to the description below:

New SetHintText function

Sets the HintText property of the SingleLineEdit control. The HintText property is not available in PowerBuilder’s SingleLineEdit control. It is specially designed for use in an Appeon Mobile application.

appeonextfuncs.of_sethinttext ( singlelineedit sle_target, string as_hinttext )

Argument Description
appeonextfuncs A reference to an AppeonExtFuncs object.
sle_target The SingleLineEdit control.
as_hinttext The text that will be displayed as hint text in the SingleLineEdit control.
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