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Design Studio 1.5: What’s New in? A (technical) View

A compilation on all blogs to get you started into the release 1.5!


Taking a while in the release of Design Studio 1.5, I want to give you some introduction to some “bigger” features in the 1.5 release.

I will try to put more information as soon I will have more time for it. I try to start with the more complex topics first.

View on…

Today here the compilation of links for the topics which I could prepare until now.

1. Design Studio 1.5: View on Variable Unmerge Scenario

     A view on the variable un-merge scenario. Some entry points for you to get started.

2. Design Studio 1.5: View on Parallel Data Source Execution

     Quite important feature – parallel execution of data sources. You can speed up the application, but of course there are some costs which you need to consider.

3. Design Studio 1.5: View on Data Binding (for List)

     Good to know to save much code – use of property binders will allow you generic update of a component based on the data source changes.

4. Design Studio 1.5: View on Data Binding (for Text)

     This is about use of binding option to any data cell, also with use of custom formatting function.

5. Design Studio 1.5: View on Context Menu Parameterization

     Here you can learn about some new functions for the context menu.

6. Design Studio 1.5: View on Offline Click-Through

     Here you can take a quick view on the offline capabilities for story click-through download.

7. Design Studio 1.5: View on New Delivered Application Templates

     Check out new application templates delivered in release 1.5

8. Design Studio 1.5: View on Variable “synchronized” Unmerge Scenario

     This is about the logical synchronization of variables in unmerge scenario, but still logically merged.

9. Design Studio 1.5: Data Binding – using “Formatter Functions” for advanced logic

    How to leverage the Formatting Functions for advanced logic with scripts and what are the current boundaries.

Also you can refer to the blogs by …


     my colleagues

What’s new in Design Studio 1.5 SDK (Reiner)

Design Studio Performance Best-Practices (Martin)

Design Studio 1.5 – The Performance Release (Martin)

Design Studio Tips and Tricks: Measuring Performance (Martin)

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – What’s New in v1.5? (Anita)


     and other SCN members

       Common Topics

        Design Studio 1.5 : Connect to SAP HANA via HTTP (Venkata)

        How to Export from Design Studio to Lumira (Tammy)

        Getting to know 1.5 : the Backend Connection (Jeroen)

        Getting to know 1.5: Templates (Jeroen)

        Getting to know 1.5 : Data Binding – A feature that deserves a lot of attention (Jeroen)

        Getting Familiar with Online Composition in Design Studio 1.5 (Tammy)


        Design Studio Innovation Series – Topic 6: Geo Maps Part I – Feature Review (Mustafa)

                    * this is a part of the Mustafa’s blogs on Design Studio Innovation Series – Welcome

        Creating Custom GeoJSON maps in Design Studio 1.5 – Part 1 of 2 (Michael)

        DS15 – Create your own Map (Dirk)

     and also “Learning Hub” Content

        Early Knowledge Transfer for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5 is now available in SAP Learning Hub

Other Areas in Short Overview

  • you can look at new technical component “PDF” in order to check out the PDF export functions.
  • you can also try out the new technical component “CONNECTION”. This component offers you a method “showDataSourceBrowser()” which opens a dialog for data source selection

           see Getting to know 1.5 : the Backend Connection


  • you can try drag&drop with new component “NAVIGATION_PANEL”


  • you can try different filtering options with new component “FILTER_LINE”


  • you can try the Geo Maps for geo reporting.

         -> see links to Maps above

  • you can try new bookmarking capabilities (eg. sharing between users for portable fragment bookmarks)
  • and some more..

More “what’s new” in…

For all “what’s new” you should refer to the official guide, you can find them under SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5 – SAP Help Portal Page.

Release Information (with other helpful notes)

Design Studio 1.5 Release Information

More Topics

Do you have any other topics you are interested in?

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  • Hi Karol,

    Thanks a lot for your work.

    I have two observations for new components and would like to confirm with you.

    1. For Filter Line component, the layout sorting seems to be quite strange to me.

    For example, I firstly filter on dimension “Category”. It shows: ➕ [Category]

    Then, I filter on dimension “Year”. It shows: ➕ [Year] [Category]

    Then, I filter on dimension “Quarter”. It shows: [Year] [Category] [Quarter]

    In another experiment: my filter sequence is [Category], [City], [Family]

    The result is:

    ➕ [Category]

    ➕ [Category] [City]

    ➕ [Family] [Category] [City]

    Do you have any idea?

    2. For Navigation Panel, it seems that I cannot change the component of “Measures”. I can only drag & drop “Measures” as a whole.

    For example, I have 2 measures (M1 and M2) in the data source and I put both in Columns at Initial View. At run-time, I can’t remove just M1 or just M2 when using Navigation Panel.

    Is this by-design?

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Hi Alfred,

      for 1, I have tried and cannot find any logical sorting – I will ask my colleagues on this.

      for 2, yes, it is.

      This is how the BICS is always working, this is coming from BW and multidimensional result set. The “Measures Object” is handed as a special Dimension (technically it is a BW structure), the real measures are always members of this structure. This is why the drag & drop is taking only the Measures all together. If you want to remove some measure, you need to set filter on the “Measures Object”.


        • Hello Alfred,

          The sorting is actually the same as in the Query Designer. So for instance, if 2 filters are created for “Country” and “Product Group”, no matter which one is picked first, the outcome will always be [Country] [Product Group] in the filter line./wp-content/uploads/2015/06/sorting_filter_line_722467.png



          • Hello Etienne,

            Oh, I see. My intuition was either alphabetical order or based on sequence we pick. Didn’t notice this. Thanks for the answer! But hope there is a property to control this in the future.

            Best regards,


      • Hi Karol,

        I was sad after hearing your answer to Alfred’s issue no. 2. 🙁

        Any chance SAP could enhance this component so users could activate/deactivate specific key figures after a doubleclick?

        We definitely need this, otherwise dozens of users will ask why they cannot add specific key figures in this component. The checkmark in front indicates interactivity, which is not the case.



  • Hi all,

    does anyone else experience strange scrollbar lengths or space usage in Dimension Filter Popup?:

    Scrolling a bit downwards makes scrollbar longer:

    The “Bestellmenge…” key figure could easily be placed at the end of the table in the first screenshot…

    This occurs if there are elements with multiple description lines.



    • Hi Daniel,

      for me it looks like a bug – the scrollbar calculation is not taking into count the descriptions with line breaks. Incident is the only possibility.