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What is new in SAP Mobile BI 6.2 – ASUG Webcast – Part 1

SAP Mobile BI 6.2 is planned for release during the first week of July – both iOS and Android.  Special thanks to Srikanth Rao for this webcast.

Please note the usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change

First a review of the general features.  SAP is trying to harmonize content types, so you can annotate on top of any content type, it has SSO capabilities; depends on your BI Platform.  SAP wants to ensure the experience is consistent

Enhancements 6.2 – first week of July


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows a new feature; you can use the Apple Touch ID secure documents/apps

It validates your touch ID and fingerprint

If there are confidential documents, you can add more security by enabling touch ID for documents

Mobile security is always a prime concern

The administrator can control this behavior; the end user can choose to take advantage of touch ID


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Today support 6 different content types; in additional will support PDF content type.  Any PDF content would be accessible on Mobile BI

This will work in offline mode

It works for both iOS & Android

If password protected, this is supported as well


Figure 3: Source: SAP

This is a usability aspect

Today the default is all reports

Administrators can organize reports by creating categories

As an end user, you can decide your default landing page – set it as a default category as shown in Figure 3 – “High Tech” is the default landing category

Admins can control via properties to be enforced throughout organization


Figure 4: Source: SAP

If there is a network fluctuation, the application should handle it “gracefully”

Today there is an offline mode

If network goes off, or switch to airplane mode, show only the downloaded documents.  Once network is available, and once connected, it will show the documents.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

The ability to automatically download documents to your iPad; your users are CXO’s and you want documents to be downloaded to iPad so it is available in offline mode.

On the BI Platform, if you tag “Featured” category, once they log on to those documents it is available in offline mode.

Once logs in, those marked as featured would download to iPad

I will get to Part 2 when I can…to be continued.

Question and Answer

Q: What version and patch level of Mobile BI are we reviewing and discussing?

A: Mobile BI 6.2 – coming in the future

Q: What about supporting Lumira documents store on BI Platform – when will Mobile BI support that?

Lumira documents – planned for H2 release – both for iOS & Android

A: Lumira documents – planned for H2 release – both for iOS & Android

Q; Is there a current document for Web Intellignece Mobile featues?

A: – Feature Compatibility matrix

Q: Is this new Mobile client compatable with SP5?

A: Yes, always backward compatible

Q: Automatic download: is version 6.2 the first time the “Featured” category has been utilized by the Mobile app?

A: Yes, that’s correct

Q: Any plans for Windows Phone?

A: Currently assessing market for this; no plans in 2015 – assess market in Q3 timeframe and update direction & roadmap

If you have more questions join ASUG next week for this ASUG Q&A webcast on SAP Mobile BI June 3rd – register here

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