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SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS in syslog after kernel upgrade

Hi all,


Another error we encountered after the kernel upgrade 7.20->7.21 was repeated SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS message in system log SM21.

My advice is to search some notes first. There is plenty of information.

The full line of the error was:

SSF_KRN_SIGN_BY_AS: Function Returned 5


For us the solution was very simple.

Run transaction STRUST.

Open “System PSE”

There we had an entry host_SID_InstNr in red. – However on the right side, under “Own Certificate”, under “Owner” we had only “CN=C11”

which is quite inaccurate.

Right click on System PSE and choose Replace. Accept defaults.

Now host_SID_InstNr is green.

The warning in SM21 repeats no more!


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