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Author's profile photo Raghuraman S

Pulling Data From Webservice using Sender SOAP Adapter with AXIS protocol

Dear SCN Users,

There might a requirement of pulling XMLs from a webservice.

This blog is about achieving the same using Sender SOAP Adapter with AXIS as Transport protocol and writing the XML as output file

Requirment is to get the exchange rates from this below XML link


Data Type: Since no transformation in the XML,Same data type at sender and receiver side.


Message Type: Message Type with above Data Type.


Service Interfaces: One outbound and one inbound with the Same Message Types defined above.

No need of Message/Operation Mapping as there is no any message transformation.


Sender Soap Channel With (AXIS Protocol):


Then Normal File Channel as below and ICO Configurations as per the requirment.


Below is the output file written in the file directory.


Things to be Noted:

1. If there is no structure created and with enableREST parameter set to ‘true’, and using dummy interfaces below error was thrown.


2. without structure and with enableREST parameter not set to ‘true’ below error was thrown.


So with data Structure and setting enableREST parameter to ‘true’ requirment  completed.

Reference Link :Michal’s PI tips: Exchange Rates from an XML file on a web page – REST, AXIS

Reference Note:0001039369

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      Author's profile photo Maheswarareddy Konda
      Maheswarareddy Konda

      Hi Raghu,

      can we handle this URL dynamically at sender side?

      as per michal blog say that , its not possible and if that situation then should for receiver.

      anyway, is ther any update on this now a days.

      Author's profile photo Raghuraman S
      Raghuraman S
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Mahesh,

      Am not sure of that option.

      Dyanmic URL is possible with Rest adapter but I doubt whether we can acheive the same using soap channel with axis protocol.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey Raghuram I have a requirement to call another web-service using SOAP AXIS(Task) sender. I used your blog and the call is made to the other webservice however the service is failing as it is expecting an XML payload. Do you have any idea how to achieve this?

      Author's profile photo Raghuraman S
      Raghuraman S
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Bhargav,

      Which payload ur using then?

      Author's profile photo Aprajita Pandey
      Aprajita Pandey

      Hi Raghuraman,

      I have a requirement to expose a CRM SOAP service to Portal. But Portal can not connect to SAP PI system and wishes that PI pulls the request from Portal. Currently we are on SAP PI 7.4 SP 8 dual stack. Can this solution be used, if so how? Also, if you could suggest any other solution it would be great.