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PP-MRP Hot Note – Update of table PPH_PFE_CHANGE

As of SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (release 617), a new table was introduced on the standard system to store the planning file entries of the MRP Fiori apps.

This table should be updated after each MRP relevant change that should affect the MRP Fiori Apps, similarly to the existing MRP planning file entries.

However, this update should only happen if the ERP on SAP HANA with HANA optimization for MRP (business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ activated) and the MRP Fiori apps are running (areas of responsibility SDM_AOR are maintained).

In some specific scenarios, however, entries were created and updated on this table even when the above pre-requisites were not met.

This unnecessary update of this table on systems where HANA is not being used could lead to performance issues or deadlocks in extreme cases.

Notes with corrections to avoid this issue were already created and the issue should be fixed on the standard system, however, if you have already upgraded to release 617 or if you are planning an upgrade, you should ensure that the following notes are implemented on your system:

2162643 Unnecessary entries created on table PPH_PFE_CHANGE
2156419 MRP schreibt Vormerkungen in PPH_PFE_CHANGE ohne Nutzung der MRP-Apps
2135413 MRP apps: Performance problems in SAPLDISP when updating planning file entries
2116751 MRP on HANA und MRP-Apps: Lange Laufzeiten und Deadlocks in COHV
2115306 MRP on SAP HANA: Long runtimes and deadlocks when converting into or releasing
2042592 SAPLDISP: Performance during changes to BOMs
2027966 Performance problems when updating the planning file entries due to table PPH_PFE_CHANGE

For more information about the HANA optimizations available for MRP on release 617, take a look below:

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For more information about the MRP Fiori Apps, check the following blow:

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