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  1. PardhaSaradhi Reddy.Chelikam


    Are you using any EHP version? We have operation wise account assignment in EHP 5 onwards.

    In this EHP 5 onwards  you need to set configuration activity to get this.

    SAP Customizing → Plant Maintenance and Customer Service → Maintenance and Service Processing → Maintenance and Service Orders →Functions and Settings for Order Types → Costs at Operation Level.

    If you want in ECC6.0 , you need to look into few tables like

    Pass maintenance order number to table AUFK and get AUFK-OBJNR then pass OBJNR to table PMCO with filed WRTTP as “4”.i.e “Actual cost” in this table you get plan cost with WRTTP as “1”.

    Kindly check.



    1. vijay vardhan Post author

      Hi Sammar,

      I tried with these reports, but it will not show only operation cost. Client want to have ability to get the report like order with operation and operations cost.




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