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Copying Discount Rate from BoM Header to BoM Items

Our client (who was implementing SAP) sells products that are created as BoM (with main item – Header and components – Items) in SAP.

The Pricing in SAP is done at BoM Item level, thus all the Basic prices and other price condition records are maintained at component (BoM Item) level. This obviously means that BoM Header is marked as “Not relevant for pricing”.

The end Customers of the client are Ordering via EDI and Sales Orders are created in SAP system via Interface. The end Customers generally Orders the BoM Header and sends Discount rate via EDI (based on the agreement with Client’s Sales person). I understand this is not best practice and Discount condition Records should be maintained in SAP. But this was the Business critical requirement and had to be accepted.

Now, the discount rate received via Interface message was successfully recorded in SAP Sales Order for BoM Header but was not copied to BoM Components (Items) since the Header was not relevant for pricing.

To solve this following setting in Pricing Condition records was helpful:

Normally the StrucCond., Indicator is blank for normal Pricing Conditions:


But in this case we set it to A – Condition to be duplicated. Due to this the particular Condition Rate was copied from BoM Header to Components (Items), even if the Header is not relevant for Pricing. 

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