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BOD310 Design Studio Training – Update to Release 1.5

Hi Training Community,

I wanted to keep you updated of the rework of SAP Training BOD310: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio (3 days). As the new software release SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5 is planned to become GA within the next days we just started the update of the courseware.

From a timing perspective that means that we will rework the material as soon as GA Version is available and we will run a first teach session in our training center in Walldorf / Germany July 20. – 22. If nothing unforeseeable happens within this first training session the new course version will become available to all SAP training centers worldwide for teaching. So check with your local training organization when they will switch their offering to the new version or follow their local newsletter offerings.

For Germany I can say that all scheduled training form the first teach date onwards will be delivered in the 1.5 release.

It will take some more days until the changes will be refllected in our training webshop but here is the first view onto the actually planned new course content:

  • Positioning / Architecture
  • Create script free applications
    • using Analysis components
    • using Container components
    • using Basic components with data bound properties
    • understanding the interoperability between the SAP BI clients
  • Define the layout of applications
    • Understanding the usage of Templates
    • Using predefined Themes
    • Using the direct CSS property
    • Using a Custom CSS file
  • Create advanced applications using scripting techniques
    • Introduction to scripting
    • Define the navigation behavior of basic components with scripting
    • Using local variables in script functions
    • Using global variables as URL parameter
    • Using global script objects and formatter functions
  • Deploy and optimize applications on mobile devices

Compared to the actual version you might notice some minor changes…

  • new functionality was added to the course
  • more advances topics like performance considerations, background loading, and the whole (portable / portable fragment) bookmarking was removed.

This opens up the opportunity to separate the “basic” form the more “advanced” features. Those more advanced features will be offered in a new training offering BOD320 (2 days). Stay tuned if you are interest… I will give you an update as soon as I have reliable information about that course.

All the best


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    • Hi Varun,

      The First Teach date I mentioned above will be held in German language as we already have bookings on it and it was announced as German.

      My advice would be to contact your local training center (depending of the country you are located in) and ask them if they can schedule an event or check if they can switch an existing event to the new version.

      But i guess it will be July for the first englisch spoken event.

      All the best