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SAP Discovery Services for Application Security

Mobile apps for anything and everything is today’s reality. Thousands of new apps hit the market on a daily basis. Are they all secure? Not necessarily; however, most users assume that the developers have taken care of the security aspect.

Does SAP provide security to the applications developed using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services? Absolutely. It’s our top priority! Whether on-premise or cloud, we help you improve application security.

How to Secure your Apps?

Use SAP Mobile Place, to secure apps developed using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

SAP Discovery Services provides application specific configuration information to the user, and helps to secure your app  in three simple steps:

  1. Configuration: Admin creates configurations for the mobile application and pushes them over a secure connection to SAP Mobile Place.
  2. Identification: When a user starts the application for the first time, SAP Mobile Place identifies the user by the email address. On successful identification, a signed app configuration information is returned to the mobile app.
  3. Verification: The mobile app verifies the configuration provided by SAP Mobile Place and applies the same to the application, thus securing it.

Here is how it happens:


It’s time to make your apps less vulnerable by developing them using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services and securing them using SAP Mobile Place.

In addition to the security aspect, Discovery Service enhances the user onboarding process by providing the initial configuration details.

Additional Information:

For more information about SAP Discovery Services, see the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services product documentation:

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