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Introducing “Blog List” for Community Components

This is next step in the SCN SDK community participation. Similar to the Introducing “Change Log” for Community Components, here some insides how you can participate in the blog creation for the components.


Live example on Choropleth Map – SCN Design Studio Community -> select “Blogs”. What you see is a list of blogs related to this component:


How Does it Work?

Every component has own file for blogs and examples. The file “blogs.json”, like this example above – sdkhelp/blogs.json. Also second file for some example applications is available with similar structure. See file sdkhelp/examples.json.

The difference for me is, blog is describing the component with concentration on some functions. An example is more on how to include the component into bigger application. But this “definition” can be freely changed by you.

Every entry noted in the file will be read on the fly and add into the list of available blogs.

Structure of “a blog entry”

An entry contains basic information about the blog:

author: your full name

authorLink: link to your profile, eg scn

date: the creation date in the form YYYY-M-D (no 0 please!)

filterValue: filtering, use one of:

     technical    |   help        |   usecase  |      explaination

icon: use corresponding to the filter value


     flag            |   sys-help  |   post        |      notification-2

// title: the text on top

// text: the longer text at the bottom

// link: the link to blog

To add a blog entry, you can simply go to the file, edit it and copy existing entry into new one – of course changing the content.


When changed, you need only to commit.


On next actualization this change will go live. Before commiting, assure that the JSON string is correct (copy after the “blogs =” string, starting with the { and ending with the last }.

You can ue online JSON validator at

Free Participation

So, anyone who wants to participate, let us know that you want to be inserted into contributors, just comment on the issue:

Please add Me to Contributors in SDK Help Repository

I hope some of you would like to take part of the community work!

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